Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd January 2024 Written Episode: Rohit’s Return and Family Reconciliation

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During the episode, Vidya asks Aryan not to make noise. When Manisha says his voice is low, I’m telling the truth. Vidya says you don’t worry about Dadi, otherwise you would have gone to see her when Abhira told her something fell in her room. Armaan watches Madhav and Vidya argue. Rohit cries as he hears Madhav and Vidya fight. Manisha says she didn’t know.

Armaan makes him wear headphones. He plays music. Rohit wipes his tears. Armaan hears them fighting. Facebook ends. Vidya says you don’t care about them. Madhav says let it be. Abhira recalls Armaan’s words. She signs Ruhi out of the house. Ruhi stops Vidya. Armaan goes out of the house crying. He recalls Rohit’s words. He recalls Dadi. Abhira holds him. She says breathe, Armaan, relax.

Seeing her, he remembers Dadi’s words and regrets bringing her to this place. Realizing his mistake, he berates himself for supporting her despite knowing her daily quarrels with his family in Kasauli. Abhira, overcome with emotion, speaks to Akshara’s photograph before packing her belongings. She recounts how her responsibility was handed over to Armaan and how she began to feel like a burden. Recently, he had even referred to her as his biggest mistake. She tried to maintain her composure but was constantly taunted and punished by his family. In doing so, they disrespected Akshara’s upbringing – an incident that deeply hurt Abhira’s self-respect. Feeling unable to continue living with someone who considers her a mistake, she wipes away her tears and reminds herself not to waste them on people who do not value them.

Vidya, Dadi, and Armaan’s words resurface in her mind. She cries and says that Madhav will find Rohit, but Dadi has mumma’s box, should I leave or not? She sees a car parked outside. She runs to Madhav. She says CCTV footage is not clear at night; it’s hard to track the vehicle, and we have no way his car would have toll tags; we can track him using it. He says brilliant, I didn’t think of it. She checks. He says Rohit went too far.

According to her, he would have remained in the village since there were few hotels. I will inquire and confirm. He mentioned that he has the contact information. She assures me that she has obtained it. She dials the number and introduces herself as Inspector Reema, requesting to speak with Rohit Poddar at their hotel. She explained that she needed to mention this for guest details, as everyone respects the police here. Madhav agrees to send his team over. The woman confirms that Rohit arrived late in the evening. Abhira grins and asks to talk to him. Rohit remembers his family when he received a call from them. Upon hearing his voice, Abhira smiles contently.

Abhira pleads with him to return, explaining that Dadi is sick and his mother hasn’t eaten. Dad is searching for him, but they have all been unable to sleep. He must consider Ruhi’s well-being and their friend Armaan’s condition. Abhira can’t disclose more details but assures him they will work through whatever issue he has. She implores him to return for the sake of Ruhi, Armaan, and the entire family. Sadly, he ends the call and breaks down in tears. Madhav asks if he has found Rohit yet, while Armaan wonders when Rohit will return. Suddenly, Dadi cries out for Vidya and excitedly announces that Rohit has messaged her. In her haste, she nearly trips but is caught by Armaan and Abhira.

Dadi tells Vidya he sent Rohit a message. Vidya asked what he had written and what he had said. Dadi says I didn’t read it. Vidya says, so read it. Dadi reads… I apologize to my family. I shouldn’t have left that way, and I know you all love me very much. She says we love you a lot, Rohit. She reads… don’t blame yourself or others; no one told me anything; I decided to return home. They all smile as they hear our Rohit.

Dadi says you all will understand why I am leaving this way. Armaan and Ruhi see each other. Manoj says that you do not seem happy. Dadi says I’m wondering why he left. Ruhi smiles as Vidya tells her, Rohit’s back. Abhira wards off their lousy vision.

Pandit gives Rohit the papers and says I’ve received Matarani’s blessings. Rohit thanks and keeps the papers next to the idol. He told always to keep Armaan and Ruhi happy; their happiness is with each other. I don’t know how I came between them. Abhira will stay happy after this relationship. I hope the family understands and Armaan and Ruhi unite. He sees the Cancel marriage papers.


Rohit is coming, Armaan says. Abhira says it has become Rohit’s universe today. The inspector says something to Madhav and Abhira. Abhira says Rohit met with an accident. Police tried to find him but could not.

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