Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th December 2023 Written Update: Armaan’s Secret Marriage Shocks the Family

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai -

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 9th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Rohit enjoying the kheer. Armaan contacts him and requests a yes or no response. He inquires if Rohit is at the dining table with everyone. Rohit affirms this, prompting Armaan to instruct him to finish his breakfast and join them at the hotel. I agree. Rohit later messages Armaan to ensure everything is alright. Armaan confirms that it is and urges Rohit to hurry. However, Rohit’s plans are momentarily derailed when Dadi reminds him that he has yet to get a kalash from the temple. Vidya suggests that he retrieve it first before meeting his friend, who is leaving for the US permanently. Undeterred, Rohit turns to Ruhi for help, but their cousins object. Still determined, he seeks permission from Vidya to have a private conversation with Ruhi while playfully teasing ensues from their cousins. Eventually, Vidya allows Ruhi to go with Rohit, and they leave together.

I must go to the temple, so Rohit asked if you could meet Armaan at the hotel. He rehearses telling Dadi about the marriage. He says that no one will be happy with it. When he opens the door, he receives a message. Abhira stumbles and falls into his arms. Her mangalsutra becomes stuck in his shirt button. She says she will handle it. He holds her face and says I will do so. Ruhi arrives and sees them. She recalls Armaan’s words.

Armaan removed the mangalsutra after he apologized. Abhira says I forgot my phone, I’ll get it. Armaan gets shocked seeing Ruhi. The man says welcome, this champagne is for you. Rohit asks if you got married, and Abhira talks to Akshara’s picture. The man says welcome, this champagne is from our side.

Abhira cries. Rohit says say something. Armaan says yes, I did get married because… Rohit says wow, I love you, you wanted to surprise me, I’m trying to get upset with you, you’re so happy, you’re married, but I regret it, I had many dreams, and we would go on a double date before marriage. When he sees Abhira, he says: “Bhabhi.”

He takes her blessings and says I’m Rohit, your best Devar, and you have other Devars at home, but I’m the best one. He asks Ruhi to meet Bhabhi. Abhira nods. Rohit says Ruhi, you know them both. Armaan says no one knows about this marriage; listen to me; we don’t understand how the family will react. Rohit says they will congratulate you, and you know how they will respond because you got married without telling them.

You took away their joy, but rest assured, they will recover soon. They might question why you chose to take the new bahu to a hotel instead of bringing her home. Armaan suggests that we shouldn’t upset them further. Ruhi adds that although they may be upset initially, the truth will instantly bring closure. Rohit affirms his decision and informs Abhira that she will be joining them. He inquires about her name, and Abhira responds that she is Abhira Sharma. Rohit corrects her and addresses her as Mrs. Abhira Armaan Poddar. He then requests them to change into appropriate attire before leaving.

Dadi inquires if Rohit will be bringing the Kalash. Vidya confirms, wondering why he also requested an aarti plate. Dadi agrees and suggests calling everyone, as she feels that good news is coming. Armaan and the rest of the group are en route. Rohit notices their somber expressions and lightens the mood with a joke. Abhira starts crying, worrying that Dadi will be furious. Ruhi adds that everyone else will also be upset. Abhira frets that Dadi dislikes her. However, Dadi spots a tortoise toy and asks Kiara to remove it from sight. Kiara insists it is auspicious and should stay with the aarti plate, as the tortoise is an incarnation of Vishnu. Dadi agrees, claiming they should welcome happiness instead. Meanwhile, Rohit notices Ruhi missing her family, and Armaan offers her a tissue to wipe away her tears.

Rohit passes it to Ruhi. Armaan offers tissues to Abhira as well. Abhira says I don’t want anyone’s help. Sanjay says I have left the imp meeting and came home, what’s going on? Everyone asks the question. Dadi says Rohit is getting a surprise for everyone. Vidya says he was glad. Armaan reaches home. Abhira stumbles. Armaan holds her. Rohit says they look so cute. He asks Armaan to come. He says Ruhi and I will enter first, and then you will get Bhabhi inside.

Ruhi and Rohit open the door. Everyone rushes to the door. The cousins ask about the surprise. Dadi lights the diya. Vidya asks did you get a surprise. Armaan and Abhira arrive.

Two people are walking right, and Dadi knows it is Armaan. Dadi smiles and says it’s Armaan. Dadi and Vidya ask Armaan who is behind him. Armaan says she’s this family’s bahu.

The whole group is shocked. As Vidya is about to drop the aarti plate, Abhira rushes to catch it. Vidya asks did you get married. Manisha asks if you did rounds and filled Sindoor. Dadi shouts at Manisha. She says you got married without telling me. Armaan gets up. The lights turn on. They are shocked to see Abhira. The cousins shout resort girl. Dadi says this girl cannot be our bahu.


Abhira’s grahpravesh occurs. Ruhi looks on and cries. Madhav says truth is truth. Abhira is our bahu now.

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