Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai : Family Dynamics Unfold as Nandini’s In-Laws Visit | 29th March 2024 Episode Update

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 29th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Chanchal suggests to Baa that they take a trip to Upleta. Curious, Hemraj questions the reason for this trip and wonders if there is anything worth seeing in their house. Baa explains that it is essential to see how they live. Kinjil agrees and suggests that they should all decide who will go. Jilpa also agrees, but Jigar intervenes. However, Chanchal takes her side. She then turns to Samta and asks if she would also like to join. Hemraj then suggests Heta go, but she declines, citing her school schedule. Baa reassures her that the children will enjoy a day off from school. As Hemraj leaves to inform Ishwar, Heta stays behind with the others.

While sitting, Ishwar receives a call from Hemraj informing him that Chanchal will come to Upleta tomorrow to shop. In response, Ishwar mentions their plan to also purchase items in Rajkot. However, Hemraj shares that Baa believes it is best for Chanchal not to visit them. He explains that despite their ongoing land dispute, they must address the formalities soon. To ensure privacy, Ishwar steps away to close the door and window before continuing the conversation. At this point, Hemraj emphasizes the importance of keeping this information confidential and promises to send someone to the office to handle matters discreetly. Before ending the call, Ishwar assures him not to worry further.

Nandini inquires about Mitesh’s approval of something, to which Ishwar also agrees. When Mitesh questions her outfit for the wedding, Nandini responds that they have already settled on something special and asks Manri to bring it out. In a burst of excitement, Nandini reveals the dress but soon realizes it is not correct. She urges Mitesh to have it replaced, but Manri refuses, claiming it was not her fault. Despite Nandini’s protests that the dress was expensive, Manri argues that it is affordable compared to the rest of Nandini’s upcoming expenses. Nandini then explains that this dress holds sentimental value as her uncle blessed it for her. However, Manri insists on being a part of her joy and suggests letting them share in her happiness by keeping the dress as it is.

As Nandini becomes emotional, she turns to her smiling uncle. He reminds her that her aunt believes the wedding day should be unforgettable and joyous. Nandini responds by expressing gratitude for the happiness that her uncle and aunt have already provided in their lives and for the teachings they will continue to pass on in the future. She warmly embraces them both. However, Mitesh interjects and points out that he is still present. Ishwar then informs everyone that their in-laws from Rajkot are coming soon. When Manri questions why he agreed without any preparations, Ishwar explains that he couldn’t refuse when Nandini promised to take care of everything and needs suggestions for what to make for lunch.

Mitesh suggests serving traditional Gujarati food, but Nandini rejects the idea. Instead, she thinks they should stick to their usual menu. Across the room, Manri contemplates this before breaking into a smile. The following day, Nandini is busy cleaning the fans while Mitesh assists her by holding the ladder. As he leaves for a break, Nandini reminds him to hold on tightly. However, Mitesh assured her he would return in five minutes and leave. Frustrated, Nandini calls out to Naren, who surprises her with a question about the painting. She responds positively, stating that it captures more than just her appearance. Curious, Naren asks how that is possible and explains that he cannot capture Nandini’s simplicity with his paintings, but he sees traces of it in her spirit.

Nandini says he should also write a novel questioning where he finds the words. Naren says they have just twenty-five days left, and after that, she will belong to him forever. Naren says he does not know how to make the painting of tears, Nandini asks what she can do about them as he informs her that she will be with him after twenty five days. She says she will miss everything, including her house, farm, Surbhi, and family.

Naren says it will never happen as he will bring her to Upleta every month. Nandini asks if he will come with Maa, but Naren says he has a lot of work and would even need a day off for their wedding. As Naren asks Nandini where she is, she replies that she’s sitting on the ladder because she’s cleaning the house. Mitesh tells Nandini not to talk, and she hits him in the face.

At the start of the day, Manri checks in with Nandini about her plans. Nandini reminds them that they must be ready at a moment’s notice but adds that they can’t leave without breakfast first. She asks Manri to start preparing the food while she throws out some water. Jalpa notices and complains about her ruined saree, but Chanchal interrupts and urges everyone to stop arguing. While Manri calls for Nandini, Jalpa points out that she looks even more stunning than in the painting. Before leaving, Nandini seeks Chanchal’s blessings and also embraces Heta as she apologizes for any inconvenience caused.

Manri expresses regret for Nandini’s current state, citing the possibility of being late when Jalpa inquires about their arrival from the bus. Ishwar arrives with Mitesh, and Kinjil excitedly takes a selfie with a cow while Jalpa is fascinated by it. Ishwar invites everyone inside and suggests they all take a seat. Manri suggests that Ishwar call Mehul while also reminding Nandini to prepare herself. As Nandini leaves, Manri also invites Mitesh along. Heta remarks to Chanchal that she never expected Hemraj to form a relationship with such a family, to which Chanchal responds that they had consistently underestimated him.

When Mitesh arrives to serve water, Jalpa drinks from her bottle. Mitesh tells Jalpa that Nandini told them about her condition, so they brought her mineral water. Jalpa asks if water is available in this village, so Mitesh calls her aunt, which causes everyone to smile. Chanchal said that Nandini could not be brought to their home, so Manri said she was glad they came.

Nandini comes with the food and begins serving them all. Kinjil asks her to sit with them, and she asks how Nandini knows so much about them when they meet for the first time. She replies that Naren told her everything about them, and she even spoke with Maa and Heta Bua yesterday. Nandini replies that she knows everything about them. Jalpa asks Nandini if she does the household chores or if there are servants, but Nandini explains how she can afford them.


When Mehul asks Nandini about the papers, Nandini apologizes and says she forgot to take care of them while she gave Surbhi food, Hemraj asks Ishwar how Nandini can be so careless when she will become the daughter in law of such a large house, and even urges Ishwar how he can keep such important documents.

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