Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishaan and Savi’s Late-Night Conversation Unveils Secrets


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

Asmita and Shika ask Surekha to drink water. Surekha refuses because she worries about Ishaan’s safety. Shantanu tells Nishu to stay home while he looks for Ishaan. Savi places the bedsheet on the floor and asks Ishaan to sleep in bed, saying she will rest on the floor. Ishaan refuses and says he will sleep on the floor. In addition, Savi arranges another bedsheet on the other side of the bed. She tells him she cannot sleep in bed when her lecturer sleeps on the floor.

Ishaan asks if she respects him. Savi says she respects him, but she cannot see it. Savi tells him it’s a good idea if they shout for help. She says it won’t be good since it’s a girl’s hostel. Despite being asleep, Shukla is shown to be in deep sleep. He says he already sent him a voice note before arriving here, so he will help us when he sees it.

Ishaan spots a mouse in the room and feels frightened, urging Savi to capture it. Confused, Savi questions his fear of such a tiny creature. Despite his plea, Savi skillfully traps the mouse using a plastic tub. Ishaan requests she release it outside, but she opts to place it near the room’s edge instead. Agreeing to his request to sleep in the bed, Savi complies. Ishaan wonders aloud about Savi’s persistence, which she attributes to her mother’s influence.

Savi shares details about her parents’ passing and how she ignored Badi Aaji’s objections to continuing her studies. Ishaan is taken aback. Shantanu contacts Shukla, who then calls to inquire what has happened. Concerned for Ishaan, Shantanu asks Shukla to see if he is at the college. After checking his cabin and finding it empty, Shukla hears Ishaan’s voicemail requesting him to come to Savi’s room for a faulty door. He confirms this with Shantanu and promises to inform him once he locates Ishaan. In response, Shantanu assured Shukla that he would join them soon.

Ishaan inquires if Savi’s grandmother doesn’t love her. She explains that although her grandmother loves her, she shows it differently. For instance, she wants Savi to marry and settle down, but the groom turns out to be an alcoholic. Thankfully, Isha mam intervened and saved her at the last minute. Savi reveals that everyone, including Ishaan, judged her without asking why she ran away from the wedding ceremony. She also shares her aspiration of becoming an IAS officer, a dream that aligns with her parent’s wishes and will also help her grandparents regain their home. Moved by her determination, Ishaan promises to support her in achieving this goal.


He gives Savi a timetable. Savi checks it and tells him he didn’t give her time to breathe. Ishaan asks her to prepare for the test tomorrow by reading previous papers. Ishaan tells her about time management and asks her to answer three questions in three minutes. Savi asks how she can prepare in one day.

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