Pandya Store 16th October 2023 Written Episode: Natasha Faces Tough Choices!

Pandya Store

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The episode begins with Hetal encouraging Natasha to have some food. However, Natasha politely declines, saying she’s not hungry. Pranali and Dolly then take the food to Chiku and Shesh. Hetal reminds Natasha not to get angry at the food and points out that they should all eat together now that Suman is feeling better. Dhawal chimes in, advising Natasha not to be stubborn and highlighting how skipping meals affects her health. Despite being scolded by Natasha, he continues to persuade her until she finally gives in and sits down to eat. Meanwhile, Chiku and Shesh eagerly grab their plates and indulge in the delicious food.

Dolly chuckles, “Come on, enjoy your meal. You act like you’ve never eaten before.” We’re a kind bunch, Chiku. You did a number on our husbands, but don’t worry, the food is safe.” Chiku coughs, and the others quickly serve her some water. Hetal smiles at Chiku, “You brought something refreshing to our household. It was much needed.” Pranali beams as Hetal turns to thank Natasha, “Thank you so much for your help today.” Hetal then turns to Dhawal, “Looks like someone’s been starving since yesterday. Go ahead and eat now.” She motions for Pranali to give Dhawal some food. Dhawal eagerly sits down and hastily devours his food before chasing after Natasha. Shesh nods, agreeing, “Well, I think we’re all done here.” Just then, Pranali receives a call from Amba asking about her well-being and reminding her of Suman’s care.

Pranali informs us that we must head home as Amba has requested our presence. Dolly suggests we bid Natasha farewell before leaving. Hetal proposes speaking to Natasha over the phone and asks Shesh to relay the message of their departure. The nurse asks Chiku to bring some juice for the patient while Dhawal and Natasha wash their hands. Natasha becomes argumentative and accuses Dhawal of faking emotions. He defends himself, questioning how she could fall in love with him if she believed he was acting. She pushes him away and expresses her desire for him to leave, blaming him for deceiving her for Suman’s sake. Amrish notices Chiku at the juice stall and halts his bike.

As Chiku says, I am already leaving the job, you can give me to the police, you can do anything. Amrish says, calm down. He hands him a check. He says 50 lakhs; it’s a considerable amount, you don’t love the store, I bought the other stores for 20 lakhs, you are a relative, you can use it for Suman and her family, Suman, and Natasha aren’t practical, you are sensible, so I’m talking to you. Natasha’s store is in her name, so Chiku says, keep the check.

She goes to get the juice after the nurse asks for it. Amrish laughs and says your parents passed without keeping their promise. The store is in your name, not Natasha’s. You can make all the decisions about the store. Keep the cheque. You can get anything from it. I think you will decide wisely. He leaves. Natasha sees Chiku and Amrish. She goes and asks who he is and what’s in your hand. Chiku says nothing, marketing guy.

Dhawal has a vivid memory of Natasha’s words. As he approaches the Pandya store, a man approaches him and remarks that it’s fortunate he has arrived as the store hasn’t been opened for several days. The man then hands over the keys, telling Dhawal it’s his store. Dhawal’s heart sinks as he gazes at the shop, picturing Natasha’s voice echoing through his mind, taunting him and shedding tears. He tells her not to cry and insists that he doesn’t want possession of the keys. Instead, he decides to speak with Amrish about the situation. Just then, Suman refuses to drink Karela juice. Despite Natasha’s insistence, she drinks it anyway for her sake. With a stern look on her face, she confronts Natasha about what she had previously told her about Dhawal cheating on her. She remembers everything clearly and demands to know the truth without any lies.

Natasha and Suman had a misunderstanding. To prove her point, Suman asks Natasha to swear on her. This causes Natasha to worry. She tells Suman to stop the emotional drama and take the medicines. However, Suman insists that Natasha swears first before he takes them. Faced with a difficult decision, Natasha fakes the swear to protect Suman. She lies to him, and eventually, he trusts her enough to let her leave for her house, where Shesh and Mittu will take care of her. Although grateful, Natasha cannot bring herself back home for specific reasons, such as being unable to speak to Suman, considering his condition.


Amrish tells Natasha we don’t need you now; we’re going to get the Pandya store. Natasha shows the papers and says it’s in my name; I’ll give it to him.

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