Pandya Store 6th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Written episode of Pandya Store 6th April 2023, written update on

During the episode, Krish and everyone go to the ATM. They see people running. The lady says there is no cash at this ATM. Gautam says Janardhan did this. Shiva asks what he did. Krish says we will do an online transaction. They go home.

Shivank goes to the police station, where he obtains sweets for Shweta. Krish informs them about a citywide curfew and the lack of money at the ATM. He decides to make an online transaction instead. Suman urges him to hurry. Shivank suggests sharing the sweets, mentioning that their previous plan has succeeded. On Facebook, Shweta and Shivank team up to sabotage the Pandyas.

He says I’m with you, I’ll do whatever you want. She says I won’t let them stay in peace. As I understand your family history, the Pandya store and house got sold because of your dad, think about the paper they didn’t know about, it says you also own Pandya.

He says it’s nothing like that. He smiles and says yes, I understand, I mean fake papers. She smiles. He says it’s risky if we get caught… She says to make a fake passport and fake visa; if anyone asks, tell them you weren’t in India.

He says he will have a 50-50 share with you. She says I will have 75 and you will have 25. He says done. FB ends. Shweta scolds him. He asks her to have patience. She says to think of some way to get out of here. He says I will.

When Shivank arrives at the hospital, he meets Dhara. She asks him to leave. He flirts with her. She gets angry. He says I have coconut water for you. She throws it and asks him to leave. He says you have revealed our sweet secret to everyone and have become a liar in their eyes.

He says fine, I am going, always remember, I will always stand by you and care for her. She slaps him. He says fine, I’m going.

There was no help for me, she says. The family cannot come because of curfew, so I have planted a seed of doubt in her mind against the family. Rishita is worried. Dhara asks if the operation is going on. The nurse says your family did not deposit the family, so how will it go?

The operation won’t happen, Rishita tells Dev. He says we’re trying, but we couldn’t get money from ATMs, and the online server isn’t working. She cries. Dhara approaches Rishita, seeking guidance on what to say. She acknowledges her inability to gather the required money and expresses remorse, emphasizing that it was not her intention to do so. Rishita responds by stating that she doesn’t wish to discuss the matter. Dhara understands Rishita’s upset and departs from the scene.

The nurse tells Rishita that Dr Shah’s patient refuses to give a kidney. Rishita worries and asks, did Dhara refuse to give a kidney? Dhara sees Natasha crying. She goes to her.

A curfew has been declared, so nobody should go outside. Krish says we’ll go to an ATM. Dev and Krish arrive, and the inspector asks them to leave. They discuss depositing money at the hospital. The inspector scolds them for doing so. Dev says it’s my daughter’s operation. Krish takes Dev with him.

He states that they are unable to go anywhere due to the curfew. Gautam mentions that the curfew is a result of a union dispute. Krish adds that they are unable to even transfer money. Dev asks for suggestions on what they should do now. Natasha expresses her longing for her mom. Rishita reassures Natasha by saying, “I am your mom, and Dhara is here too.”

Dev contacts Rishita, informing her about the curfew situation and their inability to acquire the necessary funds. He assures her that he will make every effort to resolve the issue. In frustration, Rishita raises her voice, but then quickly apologizes, reassuring Natasha not to be frightened. A nurse arrives and escorts Natasha to the hospital.

Meanwhile, a police officer discovers Shivank in hiding. In an attempt to deceive, Shivank intentionally injures himself, transforming his appearance to resemble someone who has been beaten by the police. He subsequently heads towards Pandya house.

Shivank starts acting. He says Dhara is at the hospital, and everyone is in tension, so I got beaten up by the police to come here. Krish asks how we should go there. Shivank thinks it will be fun now. Rishita hears a man talk about money. She goes to him and asks, “Do you have any kidney buyers? I’m interested in selling my kidney.”.


After Dhara is taken to the hospital, Rishita says she is ready for the deal for 25 lakhs. She says once everything is fine, she will give him to the police. She calls Dev and tells him.

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