Pandya Store 2nd January 2023 Written Update

Suman says you are nearly taking my life. She gets some files from the cupboard. Dhara and Gautam get sad. Shweta enjoys a meal in a restaurant when she hears a baby crying. As Dhara arrives, Chiku is crying, and she threatens to break Dhara’s head. She sees someone else and apologizes. She recalls Chiku. She says no, she can’t miss Chiku. Dev gets a call.

Dev says I need at least three days. The man says you have to join tomorrow otherwise leave the job. Dev says fine, I’ll come. Dhara and Gautam give him the house papers file. Your papers aren’t registered, your papers should be digital, give me your dad’s death certificate.

We didn’t need that document before. He says you didn’t think of selling the house before. He asks Gautam to call him. Dev says you should have given the death certificate, why are you so late? Rishita asks for the death certificate. Gautam recalls Suman asking him to throw away the death certificate, she doesn’t want to see it ever again. Gautam kept the death certificate behind Darshan’s photo.

It’s in the Pandya store, behind Dad’s picture inside the frame, mum used to see it and cry, so I kept it safe there. Rishita asks how we will get it. Dhara asks what we should do. Gautam says no, we just want the store back, we don’t want to invite trouble. Shweta says I don’t care about the store, I have to sell it. Shiva says we will break the lock, we will get the frame.

He asks why he should buy the store when he wants tea powder. She asks him to leave. Krish comes and delivers the food.

Everyone argues in the family. Shweta says you have become Gyani Krish Baba, feel young, and relax. He says I’m just doing my work, I’m not cheating anyone like you, and I’m not ashamed.

Dhara asks Shweta to give some good ideas, otherwise shut up. Krish asks Shweta to keep the change. When Shweta knows Rishita is talking kiddish, she won’t give us the death certificate, she will ask us to nominate her, she is still our bahu, and she will ruin our plan. Krish jokes about the poison in the pizza. Shweta coughs and runs out to puke. He asks her for water. She scolds him. He gets a call.

Dhara says I will call Krish and ask him to get the picture. Raavi says if he tells our plan then what are we going to do? Suman asks why the death certificate is needed, then the photo frame. Dhara says I will ask Krish to get the picture. Krish throws some cement over Shweta’s store name board. Shweta gets angry. They argue. Shiva says we have no choice now.

She calls Krish and asks him to go and get Dad’s picture from the store. It has Dad’s death certificate, and we need to transfer the property to Mom’s name. Krish agrees. He thinks of how he will go inside now. She gets a call. He buys a fake snake. Shweta says I can’t trust them. When Krish sees Shweta leaving, he shouts snake. She screams. He says don’t take tension, I will save you, we are still married.

Rishita taunts her plans as Krish takes the picture frame. He takes her outside the store. She prays. Dhara wishes Krish did the work. Krish takes the picture frame. He says you forgot your 50rs. Krish says take this snake and go away. Shweta scolds him. She says you are stealing my picture. Dhara prays.


Shweta says surprise, you’re going to jail now. Dhara gets jailed. Rishita scolds Dhara. Gautam defends Dhara. Dev says Chutki is in the police station because of Dhara.

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