Anupama Episode 2 written update 14th July 2020

Anupama written update

Having been locked out of the house because she went out with her friends, Samar asks his father to bring Anupama into the house. Anupama recalls the days when she would pray every morning and would always say this was her house.

He continues to ask Vanraj to bring Anupama inside. Bapuji also supports him. Vanraj says Anupama has broken rules of the house. Bapuji pulls Baa out, saying that she has violated the rules as well.

At long last, Samar opens the door to let Anupama into the house. She is seated at the door outside, visibly distressed – searching for forgiveness from Vanraj. Upon her entrance, her three children rush to embrace her. Feeling pressure from Baa’s insistence that dinner be prepared before another argument ensues between them, Anupama scrambles in the kitchen while Vanraj indulges in a conversation with his colleague Kavya. The household waits patiently as they anticipate his eventual arrival at the dinner table. Inevitably, after much reluctance on his part, she has to bring his plate to him in his room where he is quietly reading a book.

Vanraj reminds Anupama of her duties as the one responsible for managing the home, to prioritize family over friends. He encourages her to make a promise not to neglect her family in the future and they both go off to bed without dinner. Samar then jumps in, quipping that his mother has caught the ‘Poor Woman virus’ and urging her to stop blaming herself too much. He goes on to point out that society’s expectations of mothers are unrealistic, before asking her about her day and listening with interest. His mood lightening further, Samar breaks into a dance and convinces Anupama to dance, which she finally complies with.

Anupama glanced at her watch – it was midnight. A knowing smile spread over her face and she suggested they head to bed. Embracing her, he reminded her to keep smiling before they bid Baa goodnight, both laughing at the old woman’s quip.

Getting ready the next morning, Anupama looks at Vanraj with hope. She reminds him of the date and asks what’s important about it. Taking out a gift box, Vanraj tells Anupama that his colleague Mr. Bajaj gave it to him. He does not inform her that Kavya gave it to him. Her mother calls her on her birthday. Anupama is disappointed that Vanraj has this year also not remembered her birthday. 

Anupama is praised by Jhilmil for looking good that day. She puts a rose in her hair to enhance her beauty. Baa taunts her for wearing a new saree at home and spoiling it with masalas. Vanraj calls Dolly home for dinner. He announces that a party will take place at home in the evening. He tells Samar to decorate the house. During the evening, Vanraj tells Anupama to wear nice clothes and put a Mogra in her hair. Anupama is delighted that finally Vanraj remembered her birthday and was planning a party to celebrate her birthday.


As all guests are at home, Vanraj announces that the party is in honor of Kavya, who recently got a promotion at work.

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