Anupama 2nd December 2023 Written Episode: Tapish Expresses Admiration, Anupama Confronts Family Tensions

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Anupama advises the girl that respecting elders does not make one small and suggests respecting the elderly man who diligently works instead of relying on others for money. Anuj warns the manager that if he fires him, he will also need to find a job for himself. He then cleans the old man’s glasses and hands them back to him. Anuj gives his business card to the man and assures him that he can call if he needs anything or encounters any trouble, as he will handle it. The waiter expresses gratitude, stating that no one has treated him with such kindness before, and typically, people make fun of him.

Anupama praises the old man for his work at his age and encourages him to hold his head high with pride. He blesses them before leaving. Anuj expresses sadness about the old man’s situation, to which Anupama responds by sharing their plan to open an old age home. She hopes for a society where no elderly person has to endure the same struggles. Anuj suggests ordering food but also playfully threatens to make her eat a full plate of 1290 love if she doesn’t comply. However, Anupama apologizes and says sorry.

Tapish is in the dance academy. Dimpy comes there. Tapish asks what are you doing here and says I would have locked the door. Dimpy apologizes for what Papa said. She says her family is concerned for you, so I do not trust a stranger who drops you off. They don’t know me, he says. He says he talked with Anupama today and understood that their concern is the same as mine.

In his words, someone else would have gotten Anupama or Anuj’s assistance or hid behind Shahs if there had been someone else, but you chose to fight with life rather than cry and chose the option to fight. He says he admires you for your courage and fighting spirit. He says you are an inspiration to girls, and he says I care about her, and he asks her not to think of herself alone in times of trouble. He says good night and leaves.

As Anupama dozes, Anuj gazes at her and contemplates poetic thoughts. Choti joins them and discovers Anupama sleeping. She mentions a conversation about ghosts in their class and wonders if they haunt her room. Upon waking, Anupama inquires what’s going on. Anuj reveals that Choti is frightened, and Anupama suggests that guardian angels protect good children. She advises Choti to assert her fearlessness if anyone tries to scare her with ghost stories. Choti asks for help by reading the Hanuman Chalisa. After some discussion, Anupama suggests they all sleep together in one bed, and Choti climbs onto it.

Dimpy confides in Samar’s picture, recollecting Tapish’s advice. She shares that she wakes up feeling brave every morning, but by the end of the day, people manage to shatter it all. She expresses her fear of Titu’s words and reveals how he turned her hopes for living and laughter into tears. Despite this, she clarifies that she has no feelings for him and does not want to send false signals. Dimpy emphasizes their friendship and her desire to work towards their child but acknowledges that the journey ahead will be challenging and require an intense fight. Overcome with emotion, she cries and embraces Samar’s photograph.

The restless Baa tells Babu ji that while trying to convince herself that Vanraj is back and nothing will happen, her heart is still afraid. In the morning, Vanraj gives Baa tea and Kavya Kesar milk, gives Babu ji a stress-relieving ball, and takes away his bad sight. Vanraj says that to start the new work, he needs their blessings. Baa informs Kavya of his baby’s destiny.

Kavya looks at Vanraj, tells him that she has to go to the hospital, and asks if he can come. He says he is busy. Dimpy comes there. Vanraj asks her to drink tea. Dimpy says no and says she has to go to the academy as students are messaging. Baa says you won’t go. Vanraj says it’s okay, I’ll drop her off there.

Titu carefully considers his words, unsure if Dimpy will misunderstand him. As Anupama prepares to leave the house, she spots Adhik and Pakhi standing together. She inquires about their well-being, and Pakhi responds that they are heading to the doctor for a second opinion. Pakhi expresses her disappointment, feeling like she must care for herself because no one else will. Anupama wished them all the best, and Adhik thanked her. She then asks if she should accompany them, but Pakhi declines the offer. Just then, Anuj arrives with Choti and suggests that Anupama take Dimpy to the clinic while he takes Choti to school.

Pakhi informs that the new baby has now become her mother’s top priority, resulting in her inability to drop her sibling off at school. She voices her concern about the future once the baby is born, stating that while she may be adopted, the new addition will be their mother’s biological child. Anuj tries to calm Pakhi down and asks her to stop speaking. Anupama sternly tells Pakhi to let go of Choti and warns her that if she doesn’t change her behavior, she will have to leave them forever. This leaves Choti frightened, prompting Anuj to comfort her with a hug. Anupama raises her hand in anger but refrains from slapping Pakhi.

Anuj shouts at Pakhi, asks Choti to see what she will do with her, and says that you only have 6-7 months left here. Pakhi tells Choti to stop. Choti asks Anuj and Anupama if they will leave me. Anupama says no, never. Anuj says you are our life, and we can’t live without you. Choti says everyone says this. He asks who told you this. Anupama says I will not leave Pakhi, and Anuj thinks I won’t leave Malti Devi and my bhabhi.

Anuj and Anupama assure Choti of the importance of her in their lives. Anupama expresses her gratitude for having Choti in her life when her children were preoccupied and she felt forgotten. She fondly recalls reliving her childhood through Choti and again experiencing motherly love. However, she acknowledges that she may not be able to give Choti the time she deserves but assures her love will never fade. In response, Choti reciprocates the love and dependence on Anupama. As they make arrangements for Choti’s day, Anuj discusses this matter with Anupama later. Agreeing to this plan, Anupama thinks she cannot forgive Pakhi, Dadi, and Barkha as their actions have crossed respect boundaries.


Dimpy and Anupama leave the hospital. Vanraj stands outside and thanks Anupama. He then tells Anupama that she doesn’t need her help and not to come to Shah house often. Anupama is shocked.

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