Anupama 4th January 2024 Written Update: Anupama Steps Up in the Kitchen, Kavya and Vanraj Clash

Anupama written update

Anupama 4th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama inquires about the situation from Vikram, who responds with a sense of urgency. He brings her to Yashpal and reveals that Vijay has recently gone through a break-up. Wondering how to handle the situation, Yashpal asks if he should comfort Vijay or join him in listening to ghazals. Vikram acknowledges that handling personal matters is not Yashpal’s responsibility but mentions his struggles with work due to his breakup. He explains how this has affected his performance and required him to fix mistakes. Furthermore, he shares that the festive season has increased their workload with dine-in and takeaway orders.

I will help you in the kitchen today, Yashpal says. Vikram thanks, says he needs more helpers, and asks if Anupama (Anupama) can come in. Yashpal asks Anupama. She says, please give me a chance. I won’t allow you to explain, and I don’t need extra money for extra work. Vikram signs yes when Yashpal goes to the kitchen. Anupama asks if he said yes.

Vanraj goes inside the house. Kavya throws flower petals on her and says Vanraj Maharaj ki Jai. Vanraj makes the plate fall. Everyone arrives. Kavya asks why you can’t see anyone happy. Titu is a good man. Pakhi signs Baa to see. Vanraj says you have provoked them and don’t care about my wish and decision. Kavya says every parent does this but should not act like he is doing favors.

She comments on your influential role in the family, emphasizing the importance of financial stability, which is why she remains here. She questions whether you have considered the weighty responsibility the family carries. She points out that if Samar had been tragically killed instead of Dimpy, you would have rushed to marry him off to maintain his desired lifestyle. She reminds you that your daughter can start afresh with Titu, who still loves her despite knowing the truth. She urges you to release your control over relationships and abandon your “God-like” mentality. Vanraj counters by telling her to break free from her helpless woman mindset, as he wanted his wife, and she wanted financial security – hence their current arrangement. He warns her not to pretend she is noble while he is selfish or acts like a martyr. He clarifies that if Dimpy wants to express herself, she can do so on her own accord.

Pakhi says she is content living independently, so why can’t Dimpy? Kavya urges Pakhi not to compare herself with others and claims her ego is too big. She accuses Pakhi of putting on a facade to seem happy about divorcing Adhik when in reality, the truth is different. Interrupting Pakhi, Kavya advises her to keep quiet. She pleads with Baa not to take Vanraj’s side and declares that Dimpy needs a partner while Ansh needs a father figure and friend. Vanraj turns to Dimpy and asks if she feels trapped here and wants to leave. However, Dimpy assures everyone that she is content here. She then leaves the room. Kavya breaks down in tears and calls out for Anupama, admitting they need her help as this household is chaotic without her presence.

While Yashpal was busy in the kitchen, Anupama complimented his cooking skills. She explained that according to tradition, those who cook well are blessed by Annapurna Maa. Impressed by her words, Anupama suggested adding jaiphal to the dish for a better flavor and to suit the cold weather. Yashpal stepped aside to let her take over the task. Feeling confident, Anupama took up the challenge and cooked quickly. As she hummed a song, Yashpal tasted her food, praised her, and reminded her that customer satisfaction matters in their chef job selection process. He warned that she would have to return to being a cleaner if they didn’t like it. Although worried about facing failure, Anupama made an extraordinary dish with three chutneys to Anuj’s liking. Hearing this, Vikram enquired about who Anuj was.

Anuj approaches Aadhya, balancing a saucepan on his head, and declares that he is ready. Confused, Aadhya inquires about the unusual headwear. Anuj explains that it’s his defense against her attacks. Dismissing his antics, Aadhya remarks that she seems to be the only mature one in their house. She mentions her friends’ desire for a party, but Anuj suspects it’s distracting. He suggests she confirm with others and reminds her of his popularity. Shruti arrives and captures a picture of them together. Anuj informs her of their plan to throw a party for Aadhya’s friends, and Shruti readily takes on the responsibility. He encourages Shruti to introduce him to Aadhya’s friends as well.

Aadhya has some special friends and wonders what makes them unique. She then urges her father, Anuj, not to act like a stereotypical dad. Anuj responds by saying that all fathers behave the same. Aadhya, turning to Shruti, asks if she is genuinely sure about marrying her conventional father and jokingly tells Anuj that it’s okay if he doesn’t come to the party. Anuj retorts that Aadhya could have told him not to attend and expresses his disappointment. Aadhya dismisses the situation as unnecessary drama and walks away. Shruti assigns Anuj the task of handling decorations while she takes care of the food arrangements with Spice and Chutney.

Anuj bends down to retrieve the thread Anupama had dropped, and as he does so, Shruti calls Vikram, requesting him to pass the phone to Joshi Ben. Anupama answers the call with a cheerful “jai shri Krishna”, prompting Anuj to recognize her voice. Shruti then invites Anupama to their daughter Aadhya’s upcoming party, as her friend loves Indian cuisine. She kindly offered to arrange for transportation and asked if Anupama needed cash or a cheque. Ultimately, she appeals to her as a mother, urging her to accept for their daughters’ friendship. With hesitation, Anupama responds that she will seek Yashpal ji’s permission before committing. This causes Anuj to grow suspicious.


Anuj asks when that lady will arrive. Shruti says by evening. Anuj feels a strange feeling. Anupama comes there. Someone opens the door. Anupama is shocked.

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