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Agnisakshi 11th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

Upon hearing a sound from Utkarsh’s room, Jeevika heads to his room worriedly. She sees broken glass on the ground and says she’ll call someone to clean it up. When Jeevika’s life is exemplary, when we feel nothing will go wrong, it happens, Sukanya tells Lata. Despite all the ups and downs Lata has experienced, Satvik will never leave her, and their intense love will help them achieve their aim. Sukanya hopes it will be the same for her and Satvik.

Jeevika brings ice cream for Satvik, who asks if she remembers everything. She apologizes and explains that she overheard him talking to Utkarsh Dada and doesn’t recall what was said. Satvik acknowledges his mistake in pressuring her to remember while recognizing her current condition. He assures her there’s no rush and encourages her to enjoy the ice cream, which she eventually does. Satvik then playfully asks Jeevika to feed him some ice cream, and they both indulge in it. Finally, Satvik expresses his unwavering commitment to waiting for Jeevika’s memories to return, even if it takes another lifetime.

Jeevika asks him to come with her and holds his hand. She takes him to the inhouse temple and says Aai asked me to ask my heart if I know you, but my heart said I did not. She says I trust you and don’t want to wait. She says I like my new life’s new start to happen with your hands and shows the mangalsutra. Satvik makes her wear it and asks Jeevika, who told you about my divorce?

Later, Satvik shouts, calling Juhi. Lata asks what that arrogant girl did. Satvik asks Juhi how she can be so insensitive. Juhi says she didn’t give Di the right to talk to me this way for no reason. Satvik asks you why you told Jeevika about our divorce and why you told her we used to hate each other. While reminding Jeevika about marriage, Juhi says I don’t remember when I mentioned divorce.

Satvik asks her not to lie. Lata calls her a liar and cunning. Juhi says don’t call me your name. Jeevika shouts at Juhi and tells her what you said about divorce and that she is not just a liar but arrogant and mannerless, and says, ” I won’t let you be seen here if you do anything. They do not have a place for a home breaker, Satvik says, as you are Bhabhi’s sister. Sundari teases Juhi.

As Satvik enters his room, he muses that he cannot continue to pardon Juhi forever. Jeevika, noticing his agitation, implores him to remain composed and not take blame for someone else’s actions. Satvik asserts that Juhi has overstepped her boundaries, and he plans to inform Bhabhi about her transgressions. However, before he can make the call, Pramod tells him that the files are missing from the office. Remembering that he worked from home last month, Satvik decided to check there first. While frantically searching for the files, he ponders over their possible location. Jeevika comes in with the missing files and hands them over to Satvik.

He calls Pramod to tell him that he got the file. He then realizes if Jeevika has received her memory back since she knows about it. Rajnandini scolds Juhi and ends the call. Juhi asks Sundari if she told Rajnandini about it. She says Rajnandini gives her money to keep an eye on Utkarsh and you. Utkarsh stays at one place while you roam like a butterfly. Juhi tells her husband and wife both to be missing as Zero.

Jeevika asks Satvik what are you doing? Satvik tells her the doctor said I would do and repeat what I liked. Jeevika asks if we used to do that. Satvik says you used to do this. Kiss and love me. He says he has to do it to bring back her memory. Jeevika keeps her hand on her face and goes from there. Satvik says let’s see until you begin acting like you are losing your memories.

In a conversation with the Inspector, Shlok tells Lata that even I doubt that someone pushed her from the cliff and says that whoever called her there pushed her. Lata prays that her memory will be restored soon. Satvik reaches Jeevika and starts poetry. Jeevika says I must keep the ice cream in the refrigerator. Satvik asks what to do about my heart, which you melt with cute excuses. Jeevika says the ice cream will melt. He pulls her closer.

Jeevika initially asks to be left alone, but Satvik insists she sits with him. As he receives a call, he greets the person and mentions thinking about them. Jeevika inquires about the poetry he recited for her, wondering who it was intended for. Satvik clarifies that it was written for a particular person. Jeevika then asks who he is speaking to on the phone, and Satvik excuses himself, saying a persistent housefly is bothering him. He apologizes to the caller and explains that his previous girlfriend had been permitted by Jeevika to be loved by him.

She asks if Supriya is on call and says you are forgetting what I said, saying I can give my life for Satvik and take others’ lives as well. Jeevika says this is why I will strike the axe on my leg by letting you love someone else. As she says hello, the phone goes off. Satvik says I did not realize you were dangerous and asks how you came to know about Supriya. He says this means you know about Supriya, yourself, and all of us. Jeevika watches.


Satvik asks Jeevika what she wants to tell him. She replied that I hadn’t fallen from the cliff by myself, but someone had pushed me. Satvik is shocked.

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