Agnisakshi 12th May 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 12th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Satvik expressing his concern for Jeevika to the doctor. The doctor assures him that the bullet only grazed her head and she fainted due to fear and stress. He advises Satvik to bring her to the hospital if she doesn’t regain consciousness. Meanwhile, an angry Rajnandini watches as Shlok tells Swara to rest in Aadhya’s room. Swara says she will go home without informing anyone. Before leaving, Swara asks Shlok to update her once Jeevika wakes up. Rajnandini wonders what Rao might have said to Jeevika. As Satvik finishes his conversation with the hospital authorities, he expresses his frustration at their carelessness before hanging up the phone.

“What happened?” Rajnandini inquires. Satvik responds that Rao has disappeared from the hospital; he had left with someone. Rajnandini expresses relief, saying they now have some idea of his whereabouts. He then asks her to take care of Jeevika and leaves. Rajnandini promises to care for Jeevika so well that she will forfeit her life. Swara decides to chat with Shlok under a false identity to gather information about Jeevika. Meanwhile, Rajnandini enters Jeevika’s room and attempts to smother her with a pillow, but Satvik interrupts them. She reminds him of their plan to make Jeevika hate him, which makes Satvik upset. Swara and Shlok continue exchanging messages with each other. Rajnandini realizes she needs to remove both Satvik and Jeevika from their home.

It was Satvik’s intention to do this, so that Jeevika could get close to someone else and get away from him. As he shares so much with you, he describes being helpless and feeling as if someone had snatched his breath when the goons took her. He says he will make everything fine and says sorry. Agnisakshi song plays….He gets Supriya’s phone call and asks why she is calling him. He responds, “OK” and then goes on.

Juhi approaches Rajnandini and inquires about Satvik’s whereabouts. Rajnandini clarifies that she is not his wife and cannot possibly know. Juhi then shifts the topic and asks if Rajnandini has any information on her potential killer. However, Rajnandini remains tight-lipped. In the midst of their conversation, Aadhya arrives and informs them that Jeevika has regained consciousness. Shlok also joins in and greets Jeevika, asking how she is feeling. Juhi and Rajnandini move closer to Jeevika to check up on her. Curious, Juhi asks if Jeevika knows who was behind her kidnapping but she responds with a negative answer. Jeevika then asks about Satvik’s whereabouts and Rajnandini suggests he may be occupied with important matters. After receiving this update, Shlok and Juhi depart from the room. Finally, Rajnandini enquires about what Rao had revealed to Jeevika earlier. To which, Jeevika discloses that the perpetrator is someone from their own family.

Rajnandini urges Jeevika not to disclose the situation to Satvik, as he is already under a lot of pressure. She reassures that she will handle the matter. After Rajnandini leaves, Jeevika recalls receiving a pen from Rao with a note claiming it holds all the answers to her questions. Puzzled by this gesture, she sets the pen down on the table. Just then, Shlok calls and Jeevika steps outside. Meanwhile, Satvik arrives at a certain location. Coincidentally, Supriya shows up and checks in on him, inquiring about his well-being. Satvik replies that he is doing alright and Supriya mentions Manas telling her about Jeevika being kidnapped, causing her concern for both of them. Satvik expresses his own worry for Jeevika and questions why Supriya suddenly contacted Manas and started showing care towards them. Supriya explains that she got worried and embraces him in a hug.


Jeevika turns to leave. Satvik quickly holds her hand and gets teary eyes. Supriya tells Satvik that Jeevika is different from others, and she feels that we can be together again. She says, “I love you like before.” and hugs him.

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