Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 11th September 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 11th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aradhana smiles at the beginning of the episode. Reyansh says he has a longing for this smile, that the weather is changing and that rain will be coming soon. He asks her to come. They go to everyone. Sunaina does a shayari. Everyone applauds. Sunaina says the event will be small, we’ll place the idol, Viren says we’ll continue with the party, but we have to pray first.

The bride will be taken by Angad tomorrow, Alka says yes. Sunaina says we made all arrangements, come with me. Malini asks where we are going. Sunaina says come, you’ll know it. Arnab says the puja is on the back side, funny. Reyansh and Aradhana take everyone to the storeroom, where they see the Devi idol. Jindals are shocked. Alka believes I have stolen this idol from here, so why is it here?

This is your favorite room, Aradhana says. Alka asks what the heck is going on. Aradhana says it’s the Matarani idol, which you are both familiar with. Jindal says it’s the Kuldevta idol. Viren claims it was stolen. Vikram says yes. Alka asks how this can be the real idol. Aradhana asks her, how did she get it, Viren gave her the keys to the storeroom. Viren asks for proof, Jindal replies.

According to Alka, you’ve claimed ownership of all the items here. Despite her disagreement, Malini insists that you apologized to her and expressed a desire for the well-being of her family. Reyansh clarifies that it was him and not Aradhana who committed the act; stealing a valuable idol worth crores with the intention of selling it abroad. As police have reached their gang’s house, they retaliated by shooting Reyansh and attempting to harm Aradhana. Both Tripathi and I were investigating the matter, but unfortunately, they managed to bribe everyone involved. However, we were able to retrieve the stolen idol and I am a key witness in this case. The evidence is clear – this idol was indeed found on your property.

Alka states it’s false information, while Reyansh contacts Tripathi to bring in the man. Tripathi arrives with the man and Alka immediately grows concerned, fearing they have apprehended Mannu. Reyansh reminds her that she is familiar with the man. Viren confirms that he is their security guard. Mannu explains how he was instructed by Sir and Madam to hide the idol and use Viren’s name as a cover if caught. Reyansh asks who gave the order to hide the idol. Mannu admits it was at her behest. Alka interjects, calling him a liar, but Aradhana points out that they also witnessed it that night. Reyansh reaffirms what he saw, but Alka continues to deny it, insisting it’s a fake idol and that they possess the real one.

Kimaya recalls seeing the idol. Viren claps and shouts at Naresh Jindal and Alka for fooling him. He praises Aradhana and Reyansh for telling the truth. If you had told us, I would have given you money. Alka insults Kimaya. Angad shouts Mom. The Jindals need to be jailed, says Viren. Call the police, Reyansh.

Alka says Malini is smart, she knows Kimaya will be defamed if we call. Malini says we won’t call, people will think we’re also involved. Angad says he loves Kimaya. Naresh says you love this ugly girl. Aradhana scolds them enough. She says Malini can become a tigress for her daughters, and you think she’ll marry her daughter to yours. Viren says daughters are parents’ pride.

Malini faints. Aradhana runs to hold her and Malini cries. Viren says I will make you pay for this. Naresh says I won’t leave Aradhana. Viren says don’t think you can scare her, her father is here. She cries. Naresh asks Angad to leave Kimaya and come. Everyone cries.

The girl says she doesn’t want to talk. Malini says leave her alone for a while, she loves Angad. We are going to arrest them, as Kimaya was a way for them to get close to you, so we will get them arrested. Don’t worry, Reyansh says. She says we are happy that the case has been solved, but what about Malini and Kimaya, I should go see Kimaya, she would be worried. She leaves. Viren thanks him. Malini cries. Reyansh goes to Aradhana.

Aradhana consoles Kimaya. She says everyone would be pitying me, Angad was the only one who loved me. Aradhana says you are lovely, don’t need anyone. Aradhana hugs Kimaya and tells her you don’t have a sister, Kriti is beautiful and Komal is smart, and everyone criticizes me, so it’s difficult.


Reyansh asks why you sent Kimaya with Angad. Naresh threatens to kill Kimaya. Aradhana asks are you sure? Kimaya says yes. She takes Kimaya to Angad.

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