Agnisakshi 1st May 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 1st May 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Rajnandini refusing her father, Papa. Satvik reassures them that they will not trust him. Rohit Vohra agrees with Rao’s statement and adds that she accepted payment from them in exchange for the success of Vohras and the downfall of Savitri Silks. He further reveals that she never returned his money even though the deal did not go through. Rao defends Rajnandini by stating that she has already spent all the money and cannot return it. Narayan is taken aback and questions Rajnandini about what is happening. She responds in disbelief, stating that if they believe the others over her, then she accepts their accusations without any justification. She shares how she dedicated her life to both their home and office and yet is being falsely accused. She laments that no one wants to believe the truth and claims that Satvik is lying.

Jeevika expresses her decision to not get involved, but I am of the opinion that Vahini bears responsibility for what is happening. According to her, Rajnandini’s act of showing compassion towards Rao’s family and giving him a chance at Savitri Silks was a mistake. She also blames herself for trusting someone like Rohit and admits to being too trusting in general. Satvik informs them that they will now be guests of the police. Rao insists he is telling the truth, while Satvik assures them he would have taken care of them if their father wasn’t present. Narayan praises Rajnandini and requests the Commissioner to take them away. Rohit warns them that they don’t know his father, while Rao predicts that one day she will sell this house and company. The police then escorts her from the premises.

Sukanya tells Manohar about Jeevika’s report. Pallavi tells him that Jhanvi is upset and sitting on the terrace. Manohar goes to get her. Sukanya tells Pallavi what she was doing and asks her not to reveal their secrets. He tells her Jeevika will break this marriage if she knows the truth and can even commit suicide. It is good that you saved me, Sukanya says.

During their conversation, Jeevika tells Rajnandini that they all know what she has done for this house and business. She asks her not to take anyone’s calls. Rajnandini says that if you weren’t there, nobody would have believed me. She says she selected her as bahu because she knows she can do anything for the family. Jeevika brings ginger tea. Rajnandini informs him that Jeevika is in danger with me.

He is in his room and Jeevika asks him what he is hiding. Satvik says Jhansi ki rani is in front of me and presents her with a sword for saving him from goons and saving Bhabhi from allegations. Jeevika says she has done this for her family and for love. She says this family is mine until we are together, then their destination will be different. The lawyer calls Satvik and asks if his decision is final. Jeevika confirms.

Rao calls Rajnandini to tell her he has been released by the Police. Rajnandini tells her she got him bail out. He says I lost my job because of you. He says your story will end soon, as you have betrayed everyone. She says her story will not end, but it will begin.

Satvik says he’s ready to go to the lawyer’s office, but Jeevika picks up the divorce papers and touches Narayan’s feet as he collides with Satvik. Jeevika gives the divorce papers to Satvik and says Satvik must have thought of something special for her. In the end, Aadhya laughs and tells them Tanu Bua named her daughter kaddu. Shlok says he doesn’t know what problems parents have with the children. Juhi says it is a good name.

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