Teri Meri Doriyaan 10th Oct 2023 Written Update


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Gurleen tells family that Japjot’s anger is valid. Jasleen replies that Manveer is more disturbed by Sahiba’s return, and tells Angad he hurt Manveer by bringing Sahiba back home. It is not at all, Manveer says, as she is happy that Sahiba is here to celebrate Simran’s birthday and fulfill Simran’s wish. Seerat becomes confused by Manveer’s behavior and wonders what she is doing. Inder is happy to see Manveer’s change in behavior and thanks her for it.

Simran thanks Manveer. Manveer says your welcome and walks away smiling. Seerat walks behind her. Though there have been differences between them since the beginning, he has always known she cares about his family. Jasleen wonders why Manveer suddenly flipped. Gurleen says they will definitely lavishly celebrate both events. Inder says it is his daughter’s birthday tomorrow and that his other daughter is coming home to celebrate it.

The Sahiba tells Angad she will be here for a few days and is wondering where to stay. Sahiba says she can stay in their room, but Sahiba says he won’t let her stay in his room if there is no relationship. Angad says she broke their relationship. She recalls Angad proposing Seerat. Angad says she can stay in his room and he can stay in the study room. Sahiba says she will stay in the store room.

In case she forgets the way to their room, Angad will guide her to it. Sahiba stands silently as he leaves the house. The girl asks Simran to sleep in her room and recite some good stories to her, since her father tells boring stories. She misses her a lot and wants to spend time with her. Sahiba says she will after convincing Japjot. Simran says she will arrange snacks by then, and they’ll party all night.

As Seerat approaches Manveer, she affectionately addresses her as “mamiji.” Manveer reminds Seerat that she prefers to be called mamiji and not mamma. Curious, Seerat inquires about Manveer’s sudden change in attitude towards Sahiba and her excitement upon seeing her back home. However, Manveer cautions Seerat to behave appropriately since she is not Jasleen. Seerat then brings up how Manveer had previously promised to find a suitable match for her, Angad, but now appears content with Sahiba’s return. To this, Manveer reveals her malicious intentions against Sahiba and how tomorrow’s celebrations for Simran’s birthday will also mark the end of Angad and Sahiba’s relationship as they announce Seerat and Angad’s wedding.

Seerat asks Manveer if she will actually announce her and Angad’s wedding. Manveer says yes. Seerat is so thrilled and wants to pinch herself to make sure it isn’t a dream. Manveer asks her to keep winning Angad’s heart in mind. Manveer says she should use emotions as a tool against Sahiba. Seerat apologizes for misunderstanding and says she could not control her emotions seeing Sahiba back home.

When Sahiba enters Japjot’s room, she apologizes for hurting her. It was disappointing for Japjot to disrespect Akaal’s request, but now she is back home for a few days for the same reason; she wants to keep the family together and saw herself and Manveer in Sahiba and thought she would keep them together, but Sahiba proved to be the weakest link in the family; she does not care if Sahiba stays or leaves.

Sahiba says she feels guilty for hurting them and hopes if she could lessen her anger by revealing what happened between her and Angad, but she cannot. From there, she leaves lost in thoughts. After watching her go to Simran’s room, Seerat thinks it’s good that she doesn’t want to stay in Angad’s room, because Sahiba has no place in Angad’s life anyway.

As Sahiba walks in, Simran asks her to change her dress and party with her. Sahiba says that she did not bring her night dress. Simran says she will get it from Angad’s room. When she enters Angad’s room, she is shocked to see the interiors are different. Seerat thinks she was waiting to see Sahiba in shock. She asks Sahiba if she liked the changes, she redesigned Angad’s room according to her taste.

When Sahiba asks if she has become so shameless that she is staying with Angad now, Seerat warns him to watch her tongue. Sahiba says Seerat always tries to steal other people’s stuff instead of earning it, and continues to show him a mirror. Sahiba yells at her for returning in Angad’s life and says she tried hard to erase Sahiba’s memories from Angad’s mind, but Sahiba returned and ruined it. She challenges him to ruin Sahiba’s plan to return in Angad’s life.


Angad’s first choice was Seerat, but Sahiba was tricked and married to Sahiba. Manveer says Angad wanted to correct that mistake by getting him to divorce Sahiba and marry Seerat. Sahiba gets upset and leaves from there. When Angad walks behind her and catches sight of her trying to commit suicide, he is shocked.


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