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It begins with Satvik telling Jeevika that annulment is better than divorce. He tells her that he is telling her this as it is the best option for her, so that she can start anew. Jeevika asks which life you have ruined, and tells that this is the truth that nobody can change. Even if we get divorced, it will not be what you want.

She reassures that whatever has happened in this marriage is now in the past, and that everything will be fine from here on out. She plans to visit Lata Mausi before she arrives, so as to avoid any misunderstandings about the strong bond between the bride and groom. As she is about to leave, her saree gets stuck. He kindly helps her free it and questions why she believes things will work out. Jeevika responds by asking why he left the light on all night when he couldn’t sleep, or why he stocked the fridge with ice cream when he doesn’t even like it. As an Agnisakshi song plays in the background, she walks out of the room.

It is Rajnandini’s intention to leave early, so she asks Juhi to give medicine to Baba. Juhi replies that I am not a servant, so she should ask Jeevika to do so. Jeevika says she will. Rajnandini smiles. Satvik thanks Jeevika. When Baba regards me as his daughter, I will fulfill my duty as a daughter, and she says I used to give medicine to Baba in my house as well.

As Rajnandini praises her thoughts, she asks Satvik to sit in the car and says she will come to Bangalore. He goes. Rajnandini asks him to give the right medicine at the right time, and says the name is difficult, so that’s why I named it with colors. Jeevika did not understand the names. Rajnandini says Jeevika is a 12th pass. Juhi asks Jeevika to take notes in Hindi.

A bundle of money is taken out of Palavi’s purse, and she says it belongs to me, my, and me. She keeps the bundles in the cupboard while thinking about how to tell Swara I would like it. Sukanya asks where she got it. Pallavi says she got it from her chit fund, and asks Sukanya why Siddhi is coming today. Sukanya says she is like our daughter and can come at any time. She asks her to look through the book. She believes that someone may have an idea why she is coming here.

Then Jeevika gives Narayan medicines. She says she used to give her baba medicines too. He says he wants to see his kids and live longer. Shlok gives Jeevika her phone. Jeevika picks it up. Pallavi asks her why Siddhi is coming home today and what she wants to discuss with your father. Jeevika is stunned.

We have completed many projects, but I am emotionally and personally connected to this Bangalore Project because it was Udkarsh Dada’s dream. The employee says Rajnandini instructed him to move on to another project. Rajnandini comes there and says I know you are involved in this project, and tells her that Baba asked her to do so.

As Siddhi arrives at Manohar’s house, Jeevika approaches in an auto and attempts to take her there. Sukanya enters and opens the door. She is delighted to see them. Pradeep arrives. Sukanya asks Jeevika inside. She welcomes her in. Rajnandini tells Satvik that Papa trusts her more and asked her to handle it. He insists on talking to him, but Rajnandini stops him citing Papa’s condition. Siddhi asks for sweets from Manohar.

Siddhi claims that she came here solely for the purpose of discussing and not for any material gain. Jeevika expresses her concern that Siddhi is upset with her for not talking to her during the wedding. This causes Pallavi to become suspicious. Rajnandini explains to Satvik that everyone is aware that this is Udkarsh’s cherished desire and it holds great emotional significance for her as well. She asks him if he trusts her, to which Satvik replies that he trusts her more than himself. However, Rajnandini confesses that trusting herself feels like a dangerous decision and she plans to do something so drastic that even the person who gave birth to Satvik will regret it.

Siddhi refuses to agree with Jeevika’s sayings. Sukanya arrives. Jeevika diverts the discussion. Sukanya prepares puran puri. Siddhi says I understand seeing your condition in reception. Pallavi arrives. Sukanya appears and asks her to help baba. Jeevika says she must go and give him medicine. She says I won’t go to the hospital next time I come here.

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