Agnisakshi 16th August 2023 Written Episode | Satvik and Jeevika’s Emotional Separation Unfolds!


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The episode begins with Jeevika telling Satvik that despite his acceptance or refusal, they are no longer bound by this superficial relationship – not just in name, but also in their hearts. She urges him to embrace this truth and consider remarriage. Satvik responds by stating that he will remarry, but this time it won’t be out of obligation or for someone else’s happiness. He declares that he will marry the woman of his choice – Jeevika herself. Jeevika is taken aback as she repeats his name. Satvik continues by saying that he will wait patiently for her, just like she waits at the gol gappa seller’s stall. He vows to wait for her even if she marries someone else. As he stands up to fetch the car, Jeevika is in tears. Once Satvik brings the car around, Jeevika enters it and drives away together.

Rajnandini excitedly anticipates the divorce announcement of Satvik and Jeevika, declaring that their marriage ending will turn this house into a crematorium. Upon hearing this, Guru ji interjects with determination to defeat evil and uphold goodness. Rajnandini confidently asserts that what may benefit her will harm Guru Ji, rebuffing his ability to judge good or bad. Guru Ji warns her to give up her vengeful intentions or face destruction. Meanwhile, Shlok, Aadhya, and others are present for a puja, as Guru Ji instructs them to follow his commands without question blindly. Narayan obeys willingly. Juhi anxiously waits for Satvik and Jeevika’s arrival, who soon join the group.

Excitedly, Lata announces their arrival and confirms Guru Ji’s prediction that they will arrive before the puja begins. Juhi then inquires about the envelope’s contents, to which Satvik calmly responds that it is not essential. Juhi questions why they kept it safe if it holds no significance. Jeevika promises to discuss it later and instructs Rajnandini to hold onto it, as she knows what is inside. Curiosity gets the best of her, and Juhi offers to read it, but Rajnandini reminds them that now is not the appropriate time. Guru Ji intervenes, reminding them of Jeevika’s earlier request, and kindly asks Juhi to pass him the envelope. However, Juhi refuses.

Lata instructs her to give it to Guru ji, who then asks for another envelope from Satvik. Once both envelopes are handed over, Guru ji places them in the havan kund and utters “swaha”. To Jeevika and Satvik’s astonishment, their divorce papers begin to burn. Sukanya, Swara, and Pradeep arrive at Satvik’s house. Sukanya mentions that Lata summoned them for a puja, and Swara questions Pallavi’s absence. Pradeep interjects, stating he doesn’t want any drama, and announces their plan to take Jeevika with them today.

Rajnandini yells at Guru Ji and inquires about his actions. He responds that he will stop the havan if anyone has an issue. Narayan and Lata apologize to him, and he acknowledges Rajnandini’s anger. He then instructs Satvik and Jeevika to bathe and prepare for the puja/havan. Pradeep, Sukanya, and Swara arrive at the scene.

Meanwhile, Rajnandini confides in Juhi, stating that she can obtain a copy of their divorce papers from the court anytime. She feels that Guru Ji was trying to diminish her sense of self-worth. With determination, she declares that she will defeat him. Jeevika finishes getting ready and prepares to put on her bangles when Satvik offers to help her. He inquires about their next meeting, to which Jeevika responds that they will not meet again.

Jeevika is completing her wedding rituals with the mangalsutra and sindoor when Rajnandini halts her, claiming she cannot continue with the ceremony or participate in the puja. Meanwhile, Pradeep and Satvik accidentally bump into each other, and Pradeep asks if everything has been taken care of. Satvik then inquires if he knows the reason for their divorce, to which Pradeep confirms. Satvik expresses his surprise, as Jeevika did not disclose it to him. Pradeep clarifies that it is only Jeevika’s place to divulge such information.

Rajnandini expresses her disapproval of Jeevika’s continued use of sindoor and mangalsutra despite separating from Satvik. She questions how Satvik can separate from Jeevika if she remains bound by these symbols. Jeevika, however, stands firm in her beliefs and refuses to let go of these symbols. She acknowledges that she is no longer legally married to Satvik, but she still considers herself his wife at heart. Rajnandini reminds Jeevika that only a few hours have passed since their separation, but Jeevika remains adamant about keeping the sindoor and mangalsutra with Satvik’s name on them. This angers Rajnandini, who believes that these symbols cannot save their relationship. She warns Jeevika that the fire at the puja will ultimately be extinguished, and so will their relationship.

Satvik asks Pradeep why Jeevika wants to separate from him, and Pradeep tells him I will change myself entirely. He asks him to tell him and says I’m sure I made a mistake, and I will rectify it. He says it is neither yours nor Jeevi’s mistake but destiny’s mistake, or otherwise, this marriage would never have ended. Satvik says he dares to hear the truth from Pradeep, but Pradeep doesn’t. Satvik says he will look into it. Pradeep won’t tell him. Satvik thinks he will find out what happened.


Then Guru Ji asks Satvik to make Jeevika wear mangalsutra. Jeevika gets up and says, “I want to tell you something.”.

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