Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd November 2023 Written Episode: Abhira’s Determination, Armaan Faces a Dilemma

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When Akshara starts the episode, she says, “Prepare the chargesheet and let us know the date.” She ends the call. Yuvraj comes out and jokes with them. He says I’ve come out now, Yuvraj is MLA Jagrat’s only son, so the police won’t be able to catch me. Abhira tells him to come to the court. Akshara scolds him. He says ladies versus gents, it’ll be fun. I’ll see you soon.

Dadi looks on as Armaan and Rohit play chess. They make counter statements in a murder trial. Armaan says I think you didn’t read the file well. Rohit says the prosecution case is strong, and you will win. Armaan says fine, I’ll change positions. They move forward. Dadi smiles. Armaan confuses Rohit. He thinks you should be confident, check, and mate. Rohit asks for a time-out. Armaan says you lost the case and game. Dadi thinks I need to teach Rohit to win. She leaves.

I give you my treat, Armaan says. Rohit says she’s yours for 24 hours. He gives you the bike keys. Armaan asks if you have kept a name for your bike. Rohit says I am attached to her. Armaan says Mum said you were connected to someone else. Rohit says we’ll talk later. Armaan says fine, your Alisha is mine. Rohit asks who you will meet, oh, you’re blushing. Armaan tells him to focus on the case rather than teasing me. He leaves.

Abhira says we can go to Delhi. Akshara says you are repeating the same thing. Abhira says someone died here, and we can’t stay here. Akshara reminisces about Neil, Aarohi, and Abhi’s deaths. She says I can’t run away, Abhira. Akshara says look at her, I have become a lawyer to help such people, you have to be her voice, I will fight injustice.

Abhira says we will help Smita by appointing a lawyer. Akshara explains. Abhira says you will fight this case and win also, but you have to lose to me, then you have to come with me to Delhi. She goes. Akshara says I have to prepare for the hearing. She explains that you are running away from this conversation. I’m not done yet. I’ll take you to Delhi, and we’ll start over.

Ruhi checks her dresses. Surekha says we should investigate that guy. Manish says Ruhi said we should trust our children. Suwarna prays. Rohit says I’ll go with you. Armaan says no, I’ll beat you. Rohit jokes. He dreamed that we would go on a double date, so if my marriage gets fixed and yours does, we will go out to dinner.

Armaan hugs him and says done. Abhira looks at Akshara and says the trial happens in court and on social media, and the people will make this a flame. Yuvraj asks what’s this, #justice for Anurag, Yuvraj is a murderer… Jagrat says nothing and sits in the car. Reporters come and ask what Yuvraj did. Jagrat says nothing, and he’s innocent. They leave.

When Jagrat gets the minister’s call, he says I will handle this matter. He ends the call by saying I will resolve that driver’s case, and then Akshara Sharma, who is mad for justice. Yuvraj asks Jagrat to hire me a good lawyer; otherwise, I’ll go to jail. Jagrat says no, he’ll hire the best lawyer. Yuvraj asks who. He calls Sanjay and says only you can save my son and chair. Sanjay says don’t worry, and we have a solution for everything.

The Jagrat says you’re your nephew, Armaan Poddar. Armaan is at the cafe, making arrangements when Sanjay calls. Sanjay says you’re supposed to come home. Armaan says I’ll be there in two hours. Sanjay asks if your work matters more than this family. Armaan says no, I’ll be there. Ruhi comes there but is on a call. Armaan calls her and gets a busy number. He messages her, sorry, I’ll be late. They chat. He leaves.

It would be best if you left now for Mussoorie, says Sanjay. Armaan says I can’t leave my work here. Sanjay says we will handle this. This case is urgent. Armaan sees Ruhi’s call. Getting a toffee for Armaan, Dadi emotionally blackmails him to go. He says I never refused a case, and please go. Jagrat said you can’t refuse, and he’s an MLA. She tells him nothing is more important to you than your family name, Armaan Poddar, and I know you will keep it forever.

Ruhi said he would be driving, he would call back, he made reasonable arrangements, and he wouldn’t forget me. Dadi asks you to respect my trust, and I rewarded you before the result. I’m waiting for Armaan, did he call you? How much time will he need? The manager says no, we don’t know. Armaan takes toffee. He calls Ruhi. Sanjay asks him to come. Armaan says I will send a voice message. The phone goes off. Sanjay tells him to hurry up. They leave in the car together.

Armaan says I am looking for my charger. Sanjay says I am discussing essential points. Who do you wish to call? Please use my phone. Armaan thinks I did not remember her number. Ruhi waits for him. Abhira prays to Kanha ji. Armaan charges his phone. Abhira says we have to go to Delhi, mum will send Yuvraj to jail, but Jagrat is here, mum is not safe here, make a miracle please.

According to Sanjay, we have arrived at the airport. Upon exiting the car, Armaan accidentally drops his phone, which is run over by another vehicle. In response, he inspects the damaged device. Meanwhile, Ruhi hears someone approaching and grins. The manager informs them of a conflicting reservation and requests that they vacate the area. Apologetically, she notices the cake before Armaan mentions his broken phone. Amidst Sanjay’s suggestion to replace it quickly and Armaan’s mention of not caring for its protective case, they are reminded to leave promptly to catch their flight. With that said, Armaan departs while making a heartfelt promise to return despite breaking her heart earlier on. Overcome with emotion, Ruhi sheds tears and also exits.


Abira meets Armaan. Armaan speaks to the media about Yuvraj’s case. Akshara says Armaan is fighting for justice.

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