Anupama 7th December 2023 Written Episode: Family Strife Intensifies as Pakhi’s Troubles Deepen

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Anuj asks Choti if she doesn’t want to have food. He says your card stuff is here, so you have to make a sorry card for Riya. Anupama says you need to apologize when you do something wrong. Anuj says come on. Choti takes a paper in her hand. Anupama says if Fried is upset, they will cheer her up, and Riya will become her friend again. Mummy requests that you tear up the paper. Pakhi laughs. Everyone stares.

On a call, Vanraj invites Dimpy to come and says he will drop her off. Baa says Dimpy is at the morning class. Vanraj says he told her that he would drop her off. Babu Ji asks what would happen if she went. According to Vanraj, Dimpy will have difficulty going in an auto. Baa says when Kavya can go in auto in her 8th month, why can’t Dimpy? Kavya tells Baa Vanraj that she does not care about Dimpy but wants to keep an eye on her.

Vanraj indeed wants to keep that guy away from Dimpy. He says he does not want anything wrong that would damage our reputation. Kavya says you do not trust Dimpy. Vanraj says I do not trust him. As Kavya points out, destiny has already wronged Dimpy, so he should not do the same. Dimpy can do whatever she wants, Vanraj says. I am just protecting her so that nothing terrible happens.

Tapish and Dimpy were both in charge of teaching the students. While taking a break, Tapish mentioned that he had previously emailed her about their students and suggested starting a new batch due to the increased numbers. Dimpy reassured him that they were on good terms and reminded him of a dance event in Ahmedabad where the renowned beat blasters performers would showcase their talent. She asked if he could arrange tickets for them to watch the performance. He agreed and inquired about Vanraj’s attendance. Dimpy replied that she would take care of it. As Tapish turned around, he noticed Vanraj standing nearby.

Vanraj invites Dimpy over, and she inquires if he can pick her up and drop her off. He agrees and urges her to come out quickly. She worries about how she will face Papa after the Show incident. Meanwhile, Pakhi presents her idea to Anuj, Anupama, and the rest of the group. She proposes that her brand be called “Preetify” with the tagline “Princess under makeover.” Turning to Anuj, she asks him to pay attention to her presentation and repeat what she just said. Anuj responds by stating his seriousness towards work and his expectation for others to be serious. Apologizing, Pakhi admits that she had assumed he was upset because of Choti’s actions.

Following the presentation, Pakhi inquired about the proposal’s feedback. Anuj then turns to Anupama and asks her to share her thoughts. Anupama responds with “bakwas.” Pakhi accuses Anupama of rejecting the proposal as revenge and calls Buddy a “Joru ka Ghulam” (henpecked husband). In response, Anupama raises her voice and calls Pakhi rude before warning her that she could be kicked out of the house if she doesn’t change her behavior. She expresses frustration towards Pakhi’s constant disregard for others’ feelings. Adhik suggests that Pakhi refine her idea if their mother doesn’t like it. However, Pakhi insists that her presentation is flawless. Anupama advises her to pitch her idea to an investor instead but reminds her that the concept, designs, and brand name are all copied from the internet. She questions Pakhi’s lack of hard work and why her husband should invest in such an unoriginal idea.

Anuj mentioned that he had reviewed the designs and names and had inquired about the figures. He is specifically interested in numbers and asks about his potential ROI and when he can expect returns on his investment. Pakhi reflects on how things would have been different if her mother hadn’t intervened, as she could have convinced Buddy. She disagrees with Romil’s statement about many saree shops being successful. Romil clarifies that those seeking project funding often have to humble themselves, but Pakhi should not be considered a joru ka ghulam (slave to one’s wife). Pakhi apologizes for her previous comment. Romil brings up the fact that many shops also end up closing down. Adhik concurs with Romil’s point. In response, Pakhi rebukes Romil and questions Adhik if she is his enemy. Adhik responds by saying that Pakhi is her own worst enemy.

Anuj informs Pakhi that he will discard the project if she misbehaves. He suggests that she present the proposal professionally on her next visit to the office and reminds her to avoid repeating her mistakes. He expresses frustration and cannot understand why he is wasting his time. Anupama advises Pakhi to seek assistance from Adhik or Romil. However, Pakhi insists that Anuj has no intention of giving her any money. Anupama then suggests that Pakhi go outside and ask for money but warns her that no one would give her even 10 Rs. Nonetheless, Pakhi claims she will handle it on her own. Adhik asks how, but Pakhi dismisses his inquiry by stating it is not his concern. She leaves, causing Anupama to apologize to Anuj for the inconvenience caused by Pakhi’s behavior.

Pakhi approaches Vanraj and embraces him before expressing her grievances about Anupama. She shares that she feels unappreciated and unwanted due to Anupama’s actions, as everyone seems to favor her over Pakhi. Malti Devi is one of the individuals who criticizes Pakhi, along with others who claim she is not contributing enough. Pakhi discloses that she was asked to do something, but when she presented a proposal, it was not well-received, and no one supported her. She also mentions how the family will spend lakhs of rupees to send Romil to Boston University. Still, they are not willing to provide any financial support for Pakhi.

She is invited to visit Vanraj’s house, and he says he will provide her with financial support. He says it’s not because Anupama doesn’t love her but that she is so caught up in so many things that she can’t concentrate on you. He asks her to come here. Baa says no need, urges Vanraj not to believe her, and says she’s lying to you. Pakhi says to bring her stuff to him. Baa tells Dimpy he can’t stay with Pakhi. Vanraj says Pakhi can keep an eye on Dimpy. Baa becomes worried.

While on the phone, Anupama notices Pakhi leaving. Pakhi mentions that she’s heading to her father’s house before anyone can question or criticize her. She shares that her father will be investing in her project, and although he may not have much money, he has a big heart, unlike some wealthy people. She adds that her father trusts her entirely and invites Adhik to meet her if he wishes before departing. Romil asks Anupama if she plans to stop Pakhi, to which Anupama responds with a firm no. She asserts that no one should try to stop or persuade Pakhi as it’s ultimately her decision whether she returns or not.


Dimpy is at the dance event, Pakhi says, “I will see what I will do.” She calls Vanraj, who confronts her for lying and coming there with Tapish. Dimpy says he is my friend and says she is an adult. Pakhi asks her to meet him in the hotel room. Tapish asks her to shut up. Vanraj slaps him for speaking to his daughter that way. Anupama says your daughter is making a cheap accusation of her bhabhi.

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