Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 28th August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 28th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Reyansh coming to the rescue of Aradhana. Upon seeing the lady driving the car, he recognizes her from somewhere. “Are you okay?” he asks, explaining that he had gotten injured while saving her during a previous incident. Aradhana apologizes for putting him in harm’s way and expresses concern over his well-being. He confesses, “I admit that I am selfish when it comes to protecting what is mine.” He then has a daydream about their romantic relationship. However, Aradhana dismisses his advances and insists on getting back to work. This leads to a disagreement between them and Sunaina interrupts, questioning what is going on. Reyansh explains that the same woman tried to harm Aradhana again and he intends to protect her at all costs, refusing to listen to Sunaina and Vikram’s discouragement. In response, Sunaina makes a sarcastic comment about his extreme love for Aradhana.

Vikram gets the car details. He says the car is booked on rent by Khanna mansion for Kimaya’s wedding arrangements. Beena gets angry at college students. Aradhana comes. Beena asks her to get dressed up. Aradhana says I’m good. Beena says I’ll take care of the job, you go. Reyansh orders coffee. Aradhana wonders what he’s doing here. In a conversation with him, she said that you had the same swag as Rajan.

The coffee and fudge are served to Aradhana. She asks why you’re here. She says he’s my new boss. Beena asks if you’re single. Reyansh says single is good. She turns and talks to Rajan. In the background, Reyansh sees the stool. He says he got shot on his shoulders. She says you look strong. He drinks a cup of coffee. He says it’s so bad, make another one. He asks Beena to prepare it for him, and she says yes.

Her argument with Reyansh is: She says I’ll expose you; he asks for proof. She says anything can be found online. She looks at the fake profile on the internet and asks why is he cheating everyone? She asks why don’t you leave me alone, go to Delhi, do your work, live your life. Beena gets the coffee. He says, wow, this is called coffee, go, change and come, I also have a reputation. They leave. Aradhana goes. They leave.

Reyansh accuses women of being thieves, prompting a scolding from one in particular. He then asks about a clue he has not been told. Accusations fly as she denies having any information. Meanwhile, Arnab watches and dances nearby, drawing the attention of some girls who make comments about his behavior. Reyansh and Aradhana arrive on the scene, with Kriti catching his eye and earning a smile from him. As they split into teams, Arnab remarks on Kriti joining his side while Aradhana clarifies that he is her boss. The two groups begin to shoot interviews, with Reyansh suggesting Vikram’s name as the topic. However, Aradhana finds it irritating and Vikram defends himself against any negative associations. In the midst of all this, Sunaina reveals she has compiled a list of relatives.

Aradhana says we’ll take the bride’s interview, it’ll be cute. She goes. Arnab sees her and says she’s so lovely. Komal says so filmi, you started again. Aradhana asks for Malini’s makeup artist. Arnab flirts with Aradhana. Sunaina says you should begin with Arnab’s interview. Arnab says I’m ready. Aradhana takes his interview. Arnab says we’ll marry if you’re willing. Reyansh scolds him.

I’m going to get married if I get Aradhana. She asks Arnab about weddings. Arnab says vibes should match between the couple, my parents are perfect, Rahul and Anjali, so I’ll get married if I get Aradhana. Reyansh spills some water on the mic wire to shock him. Arnab leaves. Vikram says don’t spoil my name. He leaves.

Malini converses with Adi’s parents, during which Alka inquires about the absence of the wedding planner and Viren’s whereabouts. Viren is seen dancing with adolescents as Malini questions his ability to perform such activities at his age. Amused, Viren serenades Malini and their light-hearted banter results in laughter. Revealing that she is currently tackling all the wedding planning tasks solo, Malini introduces Sunaina, their new HR head who happens to have a good rapport with Kimaya, as their new wedding planner. Sunaina reassures Malini not to worry. Meanwhile, Viren continues to dance as Malini claims him to be her husband on record before excusing herself from the group. Aradhana and Reyansh follow her while he receives a call from Kaka regarding Vivek’s health. He calls Vivek while Aradhana asks a waiter for directions to the washroom but has an ulterior motive of finding information about the idol.


Aradhana scolds Reyansh. She says you ruined my life. He says, don’t trust me, ask your heart. She says no, I won’t repeat my mistake.

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