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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 1st August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins as Suman reveals the significance of the bracelet, which belongs to Natasha. Pointing to the heart-shaped locket, she displays photos of each family member with admiration. She praises her eldest son and daughter-in-law, Gautam and Dhara, for giving Natasha a new lease on life. She then moves on to Dev and Rishita, Natasha’s parents, highlighting their intelligence and business acumen that continues to be praised by all. Suman also shows the picture of Shiva and Raavi, noting their unwavering loyalty towards the family. Mittu becomes emotional as Suman mentions Shiva’s absence and how he would have dealt with Dhawal if he were alive today. Next, she displays Krish and Prerna’s photo, commending them for consistently prioritizing the family and showing utmost respect. Finally, Suman ties in Chiku’s picture with a heavy heart, stating that he is her eldest grandson but has been missing for a while now. As tears roll down her face, she clarifies that the bracelet does not belong to you; it belongs to Natasha.

Amrish reassures Dhawal not to cry, as he will take care of the bills tomorrow. He then tells him to get in the car while the driver drops him off. Dhawal expresses his concern about the family’s actions towards Amrish, but Amrish brushes it off and tells everyone to get into the car. Natasha declines the offer, saying they will make their own way. Suman decides to go with her grandchildren. Maa shares her suspicion that Natasha might have some tricks up her sleeve and may destroy her in-laws’ household. Amrish smiles at Maa’s comment. Just then, the Pandyas arrive home and Natasha receives some papers from Harish Kaka that were sent earlier in the day. Harish calls and asks Natasha to speak with Suman about a certain matter. Natasha is hesitant, but Harish encourages her to think about it and let him know. Everyone enters the house together.

Maa requests the maid to give her a head massage, expressing that she feels neglected. Amrish then asks Hetal to bring food for Maa, who sadly informs them that there is no food prepared at home. Maa then turns to Pranali, requesting her to cook something, but Pranali explains that there is nothing available and suggests they eat in their rooms. Hetal kindly offers to make food for Maa, which prompts her to praise Hetal and even causes Shesh to become upset. Suman compares Shesh’s anger to that of a pressure cooker and criticizes Mittu’s lack of courage before admitting how much she misses Chiku. Natasha consoles Suman as she shares that she has been unable to find both Chiku and Shweta. Suman reveals that she made a promise to Gautam and Dhara, breaking down in tears. Shesh regrets not being the one who went missing instead of Chiku, believing he would have received more love as no one seems to care for him.

Natasha’s parents were worried about who would handle the situation if Shesh were to leave. The couple shared a heartfelt hug, while Suman thought of her own children. She pleaded with Shesh to stay put and not go anywhere. Maa stood by, expecting some kind of drama to unfold. Amrish approached Hetal and reprimanded her for dancing on stage. Overcome with emotion, Hetal explained that she was only following Maa’s instructions. However, Amrish insisted that it was Maa’s fault and that Hetal did not need to think for herself. In his anger, he even threw a glass. As expected, Maa smiled and said that she told them all it would turn into a dramatic scene. Hetal agreed that she had made a mistake. Meanwhile, Suman tried to comfort her crying children as they hugged her tightly. Dhawal saw the video of Mittu’s blunder while hanging out with his friend and decided to show it to Natasha later on.


Natasha sees a shadow and screams. She says there is a thief. Suman gets up.

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