Kumkum Bhagya 21st November 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 21st November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The scene opens at the hospital, where Prachi enters and Ranbir immediately notices her presence. He calls out her name as he turns to face her, but she also turns away. Unfortunately, they miss the chance to see each other. As Prachi’s purse falls, Ranbir helps her retrieve it, but without catching a glimpse of her face. She thanks him and walks away while he goes to call his driver. At the same time, Prachi contacts Poorvi. Both can’t help but think about each other – Ranbir wonders why he’s missing Prachi’s company, while she believes that if he were there, he would have surely come to her. Disappointed by his absence, she asks Poorvi if she is alright.

Poorvi reassures Prachi that she is alright and urges her not to worry. However, Prachi becomes concerned upon noticing the burn on Poorvi’s hand and expresses regret for trusting Ashutosh. Poorvi defends Ashutosh and clarifies that she had left before anything went wrong. Prachi compares Khushi and Poorvi, but Poorvi only mentions having a minor burn. Prachi questions why Poorvi went there in the first place and insists on knowing the details. In response, Poorvi explains that some kids were trapped in a fire, prompting her to go help them. She adds that RV also arrived at the scene and rescued them. Overcome with guilt, Prachi embraces Poorvi and apologizes for her previous misunderstanding.

Poorvi says you have given me good values, scolds me and apologizes to me. Prachi gives her money. Poorvi takes half and tells her the guy who helped her paid the half amount. He says he was upset and was missing his wife and daughter, but then he realized he shared his feelings with a stranger. Prachi recalls Ranbir telling her not to share her feelings with strangers. Facebook ends.

The nurse gives Ranbir’s call to Poorvi. Ranbir apologizes to her for leaving her alone there. Poorvi says she will stop you, you are late. Ranbir asks her not to be sorry for calling him rich and scolding him. A driver will be sent. Poorvi says her mother has arrived. Ranbir asks her not to forget about their deal and promise. She asks which promise, and he says you also lie. She laughs.

Prachi says if Ranbir had been here, he would have felt proud of her. Ranbir tells her he is proud of her and praises her values. He asks her to call her mother and says he will compliment her. He says hello. The call gets disconnected when Prachi says hello. Poorvi promises to get his address and return his money. She asks the receptionist to give Krishna Kakkar’s address. She clicks on the form.

Vishaka comments on the vastness of the fire, while Ashok mentions their loss. Diya offers them tea, concerned that she may receive a scolding. She adds that she made the tea assuming they would enjoy it. Just then, Poorvi and Prachi arrive with Diya reminding Poorvi not to feel jealous of Badi Maa’s affection towards Prachi. Poorvi reassures her that she isn’t envious. Vishaka mentions how Khushi left for home or else she would have hugged her. Ashok asks them to keep him in their thoughts, to which Poorvi, Prachi, and Diya express their love for him. Vishaka suggests he informs Ashutosh and his mother about the situation. While Prachi takes note of Krishna Kakkar’s address.

Upon reaching home, Ranbir asks the driver if anyone is there. As he recalls Poorvi’s words, he says she was just like my Khushi. She used to think about others’ happiness before her own, as Prachi did. Khushi’s photo is taken off and he says he misses her so much today. He says he couldn’t spend time with you, his prayers are with you, and he misses you so much. Naina song plays….He gets teary and wipes his eyes.

Diya gives Poorvi a call, requesting her to hurry over. As soon as Poorvi arrives, Diya playfully reminds her to come closer. Poorvi teasingly remarks that Diya is never too old for childish fun. Diya then suggests that Poorvi choose one chit, to which she obliges. Without hesitation, Diya reveals the name on the slip – RV. Surprised, Poorvi asks why Diya had written his name in the first place. Diya explains that she had randomly picked Ashutosh and RV out of all the guys they knew, and wanted Poorvi to decide who was the better match for her. However, upon hearing this news from Yug after their car broke down on the way, RV can’t help but question what’s going on.

Poorvi questions Diya’s sanity, to which Diya responds by reassuring her that she will get RV. However, Poorvi brushes off her words and finds them childish. Meanwhile, RV inspects the car and discovers a loose wire in the battery. He notices Poorvi removing clothes from the wall and watches her intently. Yug approaches them and inquires about the situation. RV gets into the car while Yug looks at Poorvi and speculates about God’s plans. Just then, Diya arrives and catches RV getting into his car. She informs Poorvi that RV had come specifically to see her. Poorvi insists that she is committed to Ashutosh. However, Diya trusts in divine intervention and offers her assistance in making it happen.


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