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The Episode begins with Krish waking up in the middle of the night, pondering over Rudra’s sudden appearance in their story. He steps out for some fresh air. Payal, on the other hand, puts on a revealing short nightgown and grins mischievously. Waiting for Payal’s arrival, Krish wonders how she could deceive him like this. As Payal approaches him, Krish can’t help but stare at her. She asks why he called her and he immediately brings up his concern about Rudra’s presence. Payal reveals that Bindiya had informed him about her conversation regarding her boyfriend and to cover it up, she sought Rudra’s assistance to pose as her partner. Krish recalls Bindiya’s words and reflects on how lies tend to multiply when trying to hide one truth.

Payal claims that this will be her final deceit, and reveals Rudra as her friend’s relative. She did it for Bindiya and him, but assures that the ordeal will come to an end tomorrow itself. Krish inquires where her cousin’s brother was born. The terrace door is shut by the servant before they can enter. Krish prepares to knock, however Payal intercepts, inquiring what he would say if someone caught them. She creates a plan to draw him closer, so that he doesn’t pull away from her. Payal runs her fingers through her hair and hopes to captivate him with the mole on her neck. She shuts her eyes as Krish approaches and caresses her face tenderly. The seductive melody of Raat ka nasha abhi…..fills the air as she lies about something getting into her eye.

Krish blows air on her eye, ready to kiss her. Bindiya wakes in the night and calls Krishna ji, wondering if his stomach is upset. He responds that their actions were wrong and should not have happened. Payal realizes her plan failed and decides to try another scheme. Krish finds Bindiya searching for him, while Payal expresses fear of the dark. He reassures her by holding her hand and promising to protect her.

As Bindiya enters the kitchen, she realizes he is not there again. She glances at a figure’s reflection and opens the window, but they are not there. Meanwhile, Krish and Payal sneak out from the terrace through another door. Bindiya then opens the main door and spots Krish standing in front of her, looking surprised. Payal is hiding nearby. Bindiya informs him that she had been searching for him and questions his whereabouts at such a late hour. Payal signals him to come up with an excuse. As Bindiya asks if someone else is present, Krish denies it and explains that he simply went to grab his wallet from his car.

“Bindiya inquires about how you managed to leave the house with the door locked from the inside. You mention that you came through the terrace and invite her to join you for some rest. As they enter, Payal is still outside. You suggest Bindiya head to the room while you go back to lock the door and check on Payal. Confirming that it remains unlocked, you tell Payal to come in before heading to your own room. Meanwhile, Bindiya stumbles and closes the door behind her as she notices that Krishna ji had forgotten to lock it. With no access to either the terrace or main door, Payal decides to settle down in the garden area on a swing.”

During their morning walk, Bindiya touches Baldev’s feet. Baldev blesses her and says this morning will be a good one since I will present water to Surya devta with my daughter. As they come out, Payal is sleeping on the swing. Bindiya calls her and asks her to wake up. She asks what you were doing? Payal says she was practicing yoga. As the door is closed, Bindiya asks how you came here.


Indu tells Bindiya that today is her muh dikhayi rasam, and tells her to stay at home or go with Payal to meet Rudra.

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