Suhaagan 29th October 2023 Written Episode: Festive Celebrations and Unforeseen Events


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Krish informs Dadi of Payal’s presence as she smiles in front of Ravan’s statue. He questions why he was summoned if he is not wanted. Dadi reassures him it was not her intention. However, Krish offers to leave if his presence is not welcomed. Bindiya intervenes and warmly welcomes both Krish and his tenant into their festivities. She expresses her desire for Krishna to celebrate the festival with them as part of the family. Grateful that Payal is bringing Krish, she thanks her. The children soon join and take Krishna away from there.

While talking in the car, Indu and Nidhi argue. Sakshi asks her not to speak for awhile as she intends to make a reel. Indu says she has started her madness and wants to ruin her mood. Nidhi taunts Sakshi by asking who will see her reel instead of her cat friends. Sakshi tells Vikram that someone is jealous and sprays perfume. Nidhi feels suffocated and asks why she sprayed such strong perfume. Sakshi asks why you do everything over, and she feels mild as a solid perfume.

She tells Indu that Krish saw her sad and brought her to Chirayya, where she does everything over, including make-up. Payal tells Indu that she is afraid that they will hurt Krish since they like Bindiya. Indu asks why you went to Chirayya and refused to come to the expo. She scolds her and says they will come to Chirayya. She ends the call and looks at the tablet packet in her hand before ending the call.

Bindiya and Krish enjoy Ram Leela while Payal contemplates her missed opportunity with Krish at Shukla’s house. Although no one would have known, she decides that it’s best to wait until everyone can see them together. She then calls out to Krish, who comes over to ask what’s wrong. Payal expresses her discomfort and undesirability in the situation, leading Krish to suggest leaving. Grateful for his support, she thanked him for bringing her there despite the difficulty he may face seeing his family. Krish humbly responds by saying he’ll do anything for her happiness. Payal wants to reciprocate and offers him a cold drink since it’s hot outside, and no one has offered him water yet. Krish agrees, and Bindiya chimes in with a cheerful “Jai Shri Ram”. Meanwhile, Master Ji leads the kids in attempting to burn the Ravan but only succeeds in mocking their efforts as they shoot arrows at the fake Ravan.

It is funny. Payal brings the cold drink and looks at the tablets. As she holds them in her hand, one falls into the grass. She wonders if anyone will find it, and she searches for it. Krish receives Shrivastav’s call, but cannot hear him because he wears earpods and asks him to say. The boy asks Bindiya for assistance and says they cannot fire arrows at the Ravan. She tells him to keep trying and says he will succeed. She holds the boy’s hand as she shoots fire arrows at Ravan.

Payal discovers the tablets, and her face lights up. She then adds two to each cold drink. Master Ji announces that it’s almost time for Ravan Dahan. Bindiya instructs the boy to focus on Ravan and chants Jai Shri Ram before shooting the arrow. The crowd cheers as Ravan catches fire. Krish steps out while engaged in conversation. Payal goes inside, but suddenly, flames from outside catch onto the grass and roof of the house, causing a fire to spread. In shock, she drops the cold drink bottles and desperately yells for Krish to save her. Master ji declares that evil has been defeated.

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