Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 25th November 2023 Written Episode | Mysterious Intruder Threatens Vandana’s Safety!

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 25th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode commences with an unidentified individual sneaking into Vandana’s home. Kunal and Vandana argue while Vedika reveals that she brought Tara to the house. Kunal then calls for Tara to come to him and instructs her to go with Vedika. Meanwhile, someone enters Vijay’s room. Vandana implores Kunal to put aside his ego and consider Tara’s feelings. She reminds him that he has no right to accuse or hurt Tara as she is emotionally attached to her. Vandana expresses pity for Kunal’s distorted thinking patterns due to his past experiences, which have made him blind to Tara’s pain. She questions why he punishes her when she only wants his love, which she believes he is not giving her. While she has no intention of reconciling with Kunal, she requests him to allow her to show love and affection towards Tara.

Kunal urges against this action, my refusal stands, I desire no troubles for Tara, as neighbors, let that be the end of it. I can return to London, you can relocate, and we will cease to be neighbors. What consequences might arise then? You are aware of what he will endure without you. You cannot tend to her forever; I am her father, not her enemy. My intentions are for her betterment. I implore you to keep your distance from her, or my patience may run thin. With that, he departs, and she returns home in tears. Her eyes fall upon some footprints, and she rushes off to find Vijay.

Someone tries to suffocate Vijay with a pillow. Vandana comes. The person runs away. She checks around. Vijay wakes up and says I also felt someone, don’t worry. She says we must stay careful. He says I’m fine. Kunal goes to Tara. Vandana and Tara imagine each other. Kunal says strange people keep me awake. Vijay sings a lullaby for Vandana. Kunal says weird people keep me awake.

After hugging Tara and drifting off to sleep, Kunal wakes up to a busy morning filled with work calls. He notices Simmi’s dressed-up appearance and queries if she’s making a video with Bobby. Pammi clarifies that she is from Canada. As Bobby joins them, he is taken aback by Simmi’s presence, but she greets him warmly. Pammi invites Bobby over and serves him food. Amidst all this, Mrunal and Vandana engage in an argument, followed by Vandana scolding Mrunal. Anagha arrives, and Vijay tasks her with bringing Shivam home, but she indicates they will go out for dinner instead. Mrunal also shares her plans of going out with Vaibhav for their one-month anniversary, to which Vandana responds that she should cook for herself instead. Simmi then asks Kunal if she can join them on their outing, to which Pammi quickly approves and suggests Bobby tagging along. However, Bobby realizes that his presence may interfere with the reconciliation efforts between Simmi and Pammi and apologizes.

As Vandana asks Atya to be careful with Vijay, she gives him a whistle and pepper spray. Atya asks what happened, and Vandana says she’s saying nothing happened. Simmi says I remember the points. She tells Pammi about it. Pammi says I’ve made Tara’s allergen list, so check it and be careful when feeding her. Simmi says sure. Vandana prays. Vedika feeds Tara.

Simmi compliments Kunal’s appearance, to which he responds by saying that he needs to focus on selling music rather than his looks. Soon after, Vandana joins them, and Simmi continues to praise Kunal, remarking that his assistant doesn’t match his level of sophistication. Pammi interjects, commenting that Simmi would have already offended someone by now. She then takes a bite of the pastry, and Tara arrives, asking for water because the pastry contains nuts, which she is allergic to. Pammi reassures her that she has provided an allergy list for her reference. As Tara walks away, Pammi coughs and drinks some water. Simmi jokingly compares her to a traditional Indian girl and makes fun of Vandana’s simple appearance. She suggests that Vandana use perfume.


Vandana says I had emailed Kunal about Tara’s allergies. Simmi feeds Tara peanut butter. Tara eats it and faints.

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