Anupama 6th December 2023 Written Episode: Choti’s Rebellion and Family Dynamics Unravel

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Baa expresses to Babu ji that her heart is restless and foresees an impending event. Dimpy reassures her not to fret and reminds her that she could fall ill. Baa remarks that death would be preferable to witnessing such events. Anupama inquires Choti about her behavior towards Riya and questions why she mocks their friendship, as they are supposed to be best friends. She urges her to speak up, noting that Mummy is also curious. Malti Devi interrupts and asks Anupama why she is reprimanding Choti.

Anupama knows Choti’s actions and reminds her to communicate with Malti Devi. Choti insists she has done nothing wrong, but Anupama requests her to explain so Malti Devi can speak with her daughter. Choti feels she has already explained it, but Anupama does not understand. Anupama warns her not to use these tactics and demands an explanation. Malti Devi interjects and scolds Anupama for speaking harshly to a girl. Anuj arrives and asks Choti directly if she has bullied Riya, to which she responds with a nonchalant “Yes.”

Nidhi and Romil pack the former’s bag. As Romil leaves the family, Nidhi says we won’t break their trust. She says we won’t. He says yes, if I make a mistake, you will stop me. She says you will stop me, and we will be each other’s friends and guardians there. He says it is a deal.

Anuj questions Choti about who influenced her to bully Riya and requests her to disclose the truth. Choti explains that Riya is labeled the teacher’s favorite, and everybody makes fun of her, so she is asked to do the same. Anuj points out that this is a case of peer pressure. Anupama acknowledges that Choti has made a mistake and should have stood up for Riya instead. Choti argues that if she had done so, she wouldn’t have gained any friends and would have been bullied herself. Anupama reminds her that this would have shown her who truly cares about her. Anuj emphasizes that what she did was wrong and urges her to make amends. Anupama asks Choti to apologize, but she refuses by claiming that Riya is the teacher’s pet and doesn’t deserve it. Anupama insists on Choti apologizing to Riya.

Choti mentions that Mummy always spares Pakhi di when she makes a mistake and only scolds me, like when I raise my voice. She believes it’s because I am her adopted daughter, not her real one. As she walks away, Anupama is shocked, remembering Pakhi’s accusations. Anuj asks her what was said, while Malti Devi blames Anupama for scolding Pakhi. He points out that they should have noticed when she attended online classes. Anupama defends herself by saying she had to scold Pakhi for her mistakes. Anuj questions why Malti Devi came just as Anupama was scolding Pakhi. Malti Devi explains that she needed to intervene since Anupama was scolding Pakhi. Determined not to let Choti turn out spoiled like Mr. Shah and Baa’s daughter, Anupama requests that Malti Devi refrain from interfering in the future.

Baa thinks about recent happenings. Vanraj brings a sweet box and tells him he got a job at a UK company and that I am setting up their company in India. He says the owner is Indian and has a son who is almost Samar’s age. Babu Ji, congrats to them. Now that Vanraj is in charge, I will take care of my family.

She asks Anupama where we went wrong. Anuj answers that sometimes kids tell their parents they don’t love them and that she might not mean what she says. He says she might have been taught this, or perhaps our love spoils her. Malti Devi tells Choti not to apologize to Riya and says it is not your mistake. She asks her not to talk to Anuj and Anupama until they realize their mistake. She says she will always be by her side.

After congratulating Vanraj, Kavya asks if she can stay at Baa and Babu Ji’s house until she gets her place. Babu ji says it’s your home, too, and you don’t need to ask anyone. She thanked him and went inside. Vanraj asked me if I had told her to go. Babu ji says you forced her and asks him not to open his mouth. He eats the sweets. Baa and Babu ji get worried.

Anupama enters Choti’s room and finds her pretending to sleep. Deciding to save the conversation for another day, Anupama leaves. Little does she know Choti is feeling insecure about being adopted, causing her behavior. The following day, Choti joins her family at the dining table. Anuj and Anupama invite her to have breakfast, but she declines. Aware of Choti’s love for Riya, Anuj mentions that there will be card-making after breakfast. Pakhi notices a change in Choti’s demeanor, and Ankush reminds her not to say it in front of the child. Despite Choti’s reluctance, Anuj convinces her to join them for breakfast while Anupama offers her card-making supplies and attempts to feed her. However, Choti angrily rejects the gesture and shouts at Anupama instead.


After Pakhi complains about Anupama to Vanraj, he asks her to come to his house. Pakhi leaves Anuj’s house and tells her papa that she will go to his home.

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