Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th December 2023 Written Episode | Angad’s Court Drama Unfolds!


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In court, Anand is brought by police. He does not see his family and asks his lawyer why he cannot see them. His lawyer tells him that Megha has house-arrested his family, so they cannot attend. In her walk to Angad, Megha says he won’t get bail and will go straight to the central jail. Sahiba and Keerat reach the Baweja house, and Keerat asks what to do next.

Mannat held a phone that belonged to Sunny, so Sahiba should call Mannat and ask her to come out. They need to show her in court. Brars watches the court video. Inder tells Mannat that Sahiba will be able to get Angad out of this case. Garry watches the news with Yash and says he enjoys seeing Angad humiliated.

When Mannat receives a call from Sunny, she panics, wondering if Angad has come out and the plan has been revealed. Garry is busy watching the news, so he doesn’t pick up Garry’s call. She gets a message that she knows how she trapped innocent Angad by acting as Sunny’s girlfriend, so she should call right now, or else she will be arrested. Keerat says she has evidence against Mannat, which she intends to use to jail her. Mannat rejects allegations.

Keerat reveals that they have located Mannat at Baweja House and informs her that she will be apprehended soon. Overcome with fear, Mannat pleads for mercy. Keerat agrees to spare her if she pays up. Ready to comply, Mannat asks for the designated location. Keerat instructs her to meet outside of Baweja House. From the balcony, Mannat catches Keerat’s attention, retrieves the money, and walks towards her. Keerat states that she needs to introduce Mannat to her boss, Sahiba. Upon seeing Sahiba, Mannat is taken aback. In a stern tone, Sahiba demands the truth from Mannat, who maintains her innocence. In response, Sahiba slaps her and leads her towards court.

Akaal has decided to transfer Brar Jewelers’ shares to Yash, and Inder cautions him against acting too hastily. Manveer believes they should seek Angad’s input since he is familiar with the business, but Jasleen points out that he cannot offer any advice due to his incarceration. As they hear news of the company’s plummeting stocks and the possibility of their business being wiped out, Jasleen urges Akaal to make a decision swiftly. However, Akaal remains firm in his previous promise to Yash and considers signing the papers a mere formality. He then sends them through a maid, much to Yash’s delight, as he muses over fulfilling his dream of taking over the Brar household and its business.

Angad’s lawyer says his client is innocent and trapped by Garry Baweja. The opponent’s lawyer says Angad created Sunny Sood. Sahiba enters with Mannat and says she has evidence that shows who was part of the conspiracy against Angad. Sahiba cancels Angad’s bail because Angad or his lawyer cannot present any solid evidence in his favor.


As Sahiba meets Garry, she says she needs something from him. Garry asks what she has as he has Angad’s home, companies, etc. Sahiba says she has his mother. Will he listen to her?

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