Teri Meri Doriyaan 17th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Angad’s Troubles Escalate!


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The Brars are still concerned about Angad, even after Yash’s visit. Jasleen shared that they were all worried and couldn’t sleep last night. Yash empathizes with their situation and urges Japjot to eat something. However, Japjot reveals that Akaal and Jaspal haven’t come home yet, suspecting that someone is targeting their family. In response, Yash assured them that he would take care of everything. Later, Akaal arrives with Yash and a lawyer, explaining how they have struggled to find help and eventually resorted to selling their company’s shares to avoid further losses.

According to Jaspal, Angad was initially caught in a fraud case, and their confidential business papers have been exposed. As a result, no potential investor wants to purchase their shares. Jasleen inquired about who would be willing to buy under such circumstances. Yash confidently volunteers to do so, stating his unwavering support for his family. He then respectfully requests Akaal to consider him as a silent partner. Manveer reminds them that they should consult Angad before making any decisions. Jasleen sarcastically points out that Angad is currently imprisoned. Manveer reprimands her for her snarky comment. Finally, Yash intervenes and urges Akaal to carefully ponder the situation before giving him an answer.

The confession documents need to be signed by Angad, but Megha insists on getting his signature. Angad knows she is Yash’s puppet and took money from him to trap him, so he asks why she is so adamant about getting his signatures. He is warned not to accuse a senior official. Megha asks why she is angry if she is innocent. Angad sits silently.

Megha calls Yash and informs him that Angad refuses to sign the documents no matter what. Sahiba returns home lost in thought, worried about Angad, and doesn’t notice Yash’s car. Yash scolds her for letting Sahiba meet with him and tells her to get the signature somehow or else execute their plan B. As Yash drives his car away, he also doesn’t notice her.

Akaal has agreed to sell the shares to Yash. Jasleen informs him of the news, making him happy. Seerat approaches Sahiba to confess her guilt. Sahiba scolds her for not being truthful in front of the Brars and proving Sahiba wrong. Seerat explains that Garry’s threats forced her. Sahiba then asks for any information on where Garry may be now. Seerat remembers seeing a booking for Dalia Lounge on Angad’s laptop and suggests that Garry may be there. Upon hearing this, Sahiba tells Veer, who decides they should visit Dalia Lounge.

When Angad checks his pockets, a phone falls out. Sahiba recalls Mannat saying that it was Sunny Sood’s phone. She keeps the phone in her bag and walks down with Veer. Prabjot notices them and asks where they are going. When Megha walks in with her team, Sahiba asks if she has a warrant. She says neither she nor her husband wants to believe her, so she shows her warrant. She instructs the constables to begin proceedings.

Akaal says she cannot do this since tomorrow Angad’s court hearing is coming up, and she cannot stop them from getting to the court. Megha orders the constables to confiscate their mobile phones. Jasleen asks if they are criminals. Megha says two constables will guard the front door and two near the main gate to make sure they don’t leave the house. She even takes Sahiba’s phone. Sahiba asks Angad how they will leave the house.


Megha asks what happened to Sahiba. Sahiba replies that she is 3 months pregnant and having cramps as a result of stress.

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