Suhaagan 27th October 2023 Written Episode: Party Plans and Mata Ki Chowki Drama


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The episode begins with Bindiya informing us that no one is willing to attend the Bhajan Mandli. As she receives a phone call, she hastily exits. Meanwhile, Rose and Phoolmati consider attending a party, but Dadi intervenes and requests them to remain seated. To their surprise, Indu, Sakshi, and Nidhi arrive in a retro-themed attire. Pointing out that one side is her close group of friends and the other side consists of village ladies, Indu suggests playing cards. Payal proposes spicing up the party to make it unforgettable. She requests the DJ to play “Laila Laila” as they begin dancing.

When Chiraiyya people sit for mata ki chowki, they feel disgusted hearing the song. When Bindiya returns from the party, she tells Baldev that all the mandlis are busy, so she doesn’t know what to do. During the party, the ladies dance. Dadi asks Bindiya to sing bhajan as she did as a child. Baldev says even I have heard and asks her to sing bhajan. He says he will arrange for it.

Payal tells Indu she is feeling unwell and asks if she can rest. Indu asks her did you ask me before holding this party, what she is trying to prove by doing this, and she asks her to rest. She tells me that kitty dhar and chowki dhar are busy at work, so I will throw such a card that I will control the entire house.

When Payal enters the room, Krish asks who is tying his hands to her. She blindfolds him. He opens his blindfold and throws the hunter like a rope. Payal catches it. Krish is surprised to see Payal. Payal pushes him on the bed. She tries to woo him. Now we can start Mata ki chowki. Bindiya asks where the stuff came from. Baldev says Indu brought it many years ago.

Indiya is sure that she will do the Mata ki Chowki well. She asks the kids to go and play with the DJ’s instrument. DJ asks the kids to go. All the ladies become distracted as the kids trouble DJ. Indu says we must bear the vanar sena as well. The wire is about to be cut. Payal slides on the bed. Krish is about to kiss her on the lips.

Payal opens Chopra’s handcuffs after Krish receives Chopra’s call. He says he must speak to Chopra Saheb and leaves. Chopra says his work will take 2-3 days. He says great. Bindiya plans the shank. The DJ says his house’s mood changes with the seasons. Bindiya sings bhajan. Sakshi asks the DJ what happened to his music system. The DJ says he is checking.

Sakshi informs Vikram that she plans to provoke Indu’s anger while mentioning to Indu that Bindiya’s mata ki chowki is superior to Payal’s party. She suggests they attend the Mata ki Chowki for a while. Indu watches on silently. Sakshi expresses her desire to thwart Payal’s plan to the children as Krish arrives. The kids approach Krish, saying they are looking for him. Krish promises to join them and invites Indu as well. Indu notices her friends at the Mata ki Chowki and sees that Payal has also caught their presence there, causing her to become enraged.


Trying to kill Bindiya, Payal throws the water can on the open electricity wires. Krish runs to save her.

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