Suhaagan 6th November 2023 Written Episode: Intimacy Video Scandal Unfolds | Shocking Revelations


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The Episode begins with Bindiya questioning the man about his identity. He responds by mentioning the consequences of making the video viral. Payal then interjects, addressing him as the culprit. Bindiya pleads with him to reveal his demands, and he fondly refers to her as Bindiya. To her surprise, she asks how he knows her name. The call ends, and Bindiya decides to confide in Krishna Ji about it. However, Payal advises against it, and Bindiya realizes this concerns the Shukla family’s reputation. She then rushes to Krish, informing him of Payal’s grave mistake, but he dismisses her concerns by asking if she has never been wronged.

Bindiya informs Krish that Payal had recorded a video of their intimate moment, but unfortunately, someone stole her phone and saw the video. In frustration, Krish contacts Payal and demands an explanation for making the video. Payal defends herself by saying she wants to capture the memory. Krish becomes agitated and passes on the call to Bindiya. Taking charge of the situation, Krish warns the culprit to return the phone discreetly. However, the thief threatens to make the video public instead of complying. He proceeds with his threat, and soon, everyone is bombarded with calls from friends, business associates, and relatives questioning them about the video. Krish is also questioned as to why he allowed this to happen.

Bindiya shouts Babu ji after Baldev gets angry and slaps Krish. The media comes there and shout slogans against the Shukla family. Baldev suffers a heart attack. It turns out that all of this is Bindiya’s imagination. She thinks that if I tell Krishna, he will be angry, and the situation will be ruined. She says that if I tell Babu Ji now, he will understand me and will find a solution. Baldev says he has a lot of hopes for Bindiya and him but no hopes for his children.

Bindiya hesitates to reveal the truth about the video to Pankaj. He invites her inside, and she politely reminds him not to fold his hands. Bindiya explains that Nidhi has set some conditions which Pankaj cannot fulfill. She asks him if she should speak up and advises him to be patient and accommodating even if the other person is not. Pankaj admires her patience but expresses frustration with the situation. Baldev wishes for Nidhi also to understand like Bindiya does. Bindiya then leaves, while Payal worries about what she may have told Krish that he hasn’t come yet. She ponders what will happen if Krish refuses to listen to her advice.

Bindiya offers Baldev a cup of coffee while Sakshi interrupts their conversation with a shocking revelation. She excitedly shares that she has gained 10K followers. Bindiya remains calm as Pankaj approaches them and asks for Baldev’s signature on some papers. Curious, Baldev inquires about the documents, to which Bindiya explains that they could potentially change their lives. Sakshi questions why Pankaj needs their father’s signature if the rules have changed. Nidhi expresses her surprise, but Pankaj clarifies that he will become a “ghar jamai” and needs to update his address on important documents such as his ID card and Aadhaar card. Nidhi playfully comments that it doesn’t suit him, causing Baldev and Bindiya to share a smile. Nidhi then scolds Pankaj for going too far and leaving his family for love.

Krish approaches Payal, who embraces him and begins to justify herself. Krish inquires about her intentions and hands her a phone, explaining that he had blocked the old number and got a new one. Payal reveals that she wants her old phone returned. Before she can elaborate, Bindiya interrupts them, preventing her from speaking further. Bindiya reminds Payal of how she used to steal things as a child, and now she is making a big deal about her phone being stolen. Meanwhile, Krish receives a call and leaves. Bindiya stops Payal again, warning that she will take matters into her own hands.


The guy tells Payal that he loves Bindiya. Chopra shows the photos as evidence and humiliates Bindiya in court.

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