Anupama : Aadhya’s Emotional Turmoil Unveiled: Memories and Resentments Surface | 30th December 2023 Episode Update

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Taking out her childhood memories, Adhya finds Anupama, Anuj, and her photo. She says, Mummy… I used to pray for a mother in the orphanage, so Kanha ji introduced me to you, Papa, you and I were happy, but you never considered me your daughter, I remained your adopted daughter. She recalls accusing her and telling her that I was the last priority for you, that I hate you so much as you saved me last in that accident. She says you hurt Papa and me so much when we loved you.

According to her, I destroyed all your photos except for one, which I keep as a reminder of your face when I grow up. She expresses her strong dislike towards you and wants to know the reason behind your actions. In her opinion, you couldn’t bear our happiness, so you came here. She is grateful that you didn’t recognize her, otherwise you would have called her “Choti” and caused a scene. She vows to keep you out of Papa and my life, even if you were to apologize or beg for forgiveness. Through tears, she places the photo in a box and reiterates her hatred towards you… Anuj can’t sit still and paces outside.

Anupama has the impression that the girl I have some connection with is…I expressed that I have a relationship with her. Vikram inquires, what happened? Anupama shared that the Police were helpful and took note of my complaint; they promised to search for my belongings. Vikram remarks that this City is not a wrong place. Anupama agrees, saying she had a negative experience and believes it could have happened anywhere. She questions why the water is expensive here. Vikram admits he doesn’t know, but it is safe to drink in places where municipal water is available. She mentions how cold it is here and confesses she thought she might not survive. She returned his money, stating that she had spent 10 dollars on the bus and had walked for the rest of the journey. Vikram wonders why she walked so far. Anupama explains that she wanted to see the city and its essence and smell its soil. She adds that she even came across over 100 Santa Clauses.

Vikram raves about her masala tea, sharing that Shruti’s friend got lost drinking it. He believes that our masala tea will gain popularity if Shruti enjoys it. Anupama inquires about the friend’s opinion. Vikram replies with a humorous anecdote, teasingly mentioning how the friend might have been thrown out for smiling too much. Anupama playfully scolds Vikram for his jokes and suggests that maybe the friend hides the pain behind his anger. Vikram agrees and adds that he currently lives with his mother. Anupama acknowledges this information with a simple “okay.”

We are hungry, Vikram says. Anupama says there is so much food here. Vikram wants to eat Gujarati food. Anupama wonders why Gujarati food is not made here. Vikram says the boss explicitly instructs that Gujarati food will not be made here. Anupama says another chef may have broken his heart with his Gujarati girlfriend. In Anupama’s opinion, broken hearts cause much pain, so we should not joke.

When Ansh plays with Baa, he treats her as a doctor. Baa says she will not be given an injection. Ansh applies balm to her. Vanraj asks Baa when Kavya will stay away from her daughter. He says Kavya has arrived. Dimpy comes and asks Ansh to drink milk. He refuses and runs. Vanraj takes a glass from her and makes him drink. She gets Titu’s call. Vanraj asks her. She says it’s Kavya’s call. Vanraj looks on as he watches.

In the restaurant, the staff are eating outside. The staff asks if it is Indian food. Vikram says yes. A staff member says the food is superb. Another staff member says it is excellent. They like it. Vikram asks who are you? Anupama replies Maa. According to her, a mother has to learn everything for her children, and she has learned how to make good and tasty food for them in a short amount of time.

After becoming a mother, she learned to cook, as parenthood often prepares us to face challenges. She mentions that she also works as a chef at Gujrat on Plate restaurant and was offered the job after they saw her channel. Excitedly, the staff members mentioned her channel, and Vikram looked at them and discovered that she had one million followers. He praises her talent and hopes it will lead her to great success, earning admiration from all. Grateful, Anupama thanks him and adds that her channel serves a purpose by receiving countless messages from mothers requesting nutritious recipes for their kids among her loyal followers.

Whenever Aadhya is upset, Shruti makes something special for her and asks him to do the same. She shows him a Joshi Ben recipe and says I searched for top Gujarati food, and her channel came up first.


Anupama asks Aadhya if she’s looking for someone. Aadhya says she doesn’t like strangers. Anuj calls her and says I’ll be here in 5 minutes. Aadhya thinks I’ll go to that place instead.

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