Anupama 17th July 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 17th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama tells Anuj that today a mother Anupama took over a student Anupama. She says Guru Maa isn’t picking her call as she must be angry on her, Nakul must be busy canceling the USA shows, so she can’t face Guru Maa, sometimes you have to make an instant decision between heart and mind, so she chose to listen to her heart. Continuing to justify that this mother returned for her bebli Choti Anu and Maaya, she will handle her Bebli, but how will she explain Guru Maa to Anu?

As the power goes out, Nakul calls Guru Maa to ask if she is okay, why she is not picking up his call, Anupama must have reached Ahmedabad for now. Guru Maa says guru/teacher blessings have a superior place and curses are even more superior.

When Shahs see a power outage, Leeela says it looks like a storm is coming. Anupama and Anuj walk down and ask about Choti Anu. Paakhi says she’s sleeping and her maid is with her. Vanraj tells Anupama they’re worried about her. Kinjal says they’ll leave if she doesn’t want to tell. Kavya says she can think about it for a while.

Her story begins when Anupama realizes that everyone wants to know and has a right to know. Anupama falls to the ground and says she knows what she did is unforgivable and is willing to accept Guru Maa’s punishment. She notices Guru Maa’s blooded-stained footsteps. She hugs Guru Maa and then gives her a tight slap. Everyone is stunned at the sight. Anuj asks Guru Maa why dare she slap his wife, saying this is wrong. Anupama stops him.

As a result, Anupama no longer has the right to call Guru Maa because she is no longer her guru/teacher or maa/mother. Having been her favorite student for a long time, she let Anupama touch her feet and showered her last drops of love on her; however, her slap revealed that there is no love left for her and now she will receive her wrath. Anuj, Vanraj, and Leela confront Guru Maa for slapping Anupama. Anupama asks them not to interfere, since this is between her and her guru.

Anupama pleads with Guru Maa, expressing that she deserves more than just a slap. She asks for the chance to explain herself, as she can see the pain in her eyes. In response, Guru Maa questions her betrayal. Anupama then launches into a lengthy speech about motherhood, stating that she embodies it in every way possible. While acknowledging that Guru Maa’s student was wrong, she emphasizes that a mother is never wrong. And though her student may be filled with guilt, a mother takes pride in herself. Anupama also recalls how Guru Maa supported her and gave her hope when all seemed lost, but then proceeds to highlight how she ultimately betrayed her teacher. Despite this, Anupama acknowledges the presence of a motherly figure within Guru Maa herself and points out how she witnessed it firsthand while returning for her daughter’s sake.


Anupama’s destruction of everything in one shot must have provoked Anuj to return, Guru Maa says She came for Choti Anu and Maaya.

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