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In the episode, Aradhana talks to Revati and dances with Reyansh. Kadambari tells Vikram about Aradhana and tells him to work hard and know her son’s feelings. She says you are right, I will. She smiles. Reyansh dances and the ring box falls. She picks it up. When Aradhana says I’m sorry for that day, Kadambari says there’s no need, you were right, Reyansh is happy today, and you’re the reason for that.

She shows the ring and says he had this ring with him, he wants to give this to you, so help him. She gives the ring to Aradhana and goes. Aradhana smiles. Reyansh looks for the ring. He says I have the intend, but not the ring. Vikram says look there, Aradhana is looking for you. Aradhana says he should have spoken to me once, what will I tell him. Reyansh asks what. She jokes. You always lecture. She says fine, I won’t give him the ring. He stops her.

He says I need to tell you something. She says so soon, isn’t it early. He asks don’t you want to go home, your dad will be angry. She asks are you sure. He says you know what I’m going to say and you’re asking me whether I’m sure or not. She sees Revati and thinks her BF has come, I have to go and meet her. Her boyfriend is Aradhana’s ex Mayank. She says hurry up, or don’t say anything. Revati’s boyfriend is Aradhana’s ex Mayank. Reyansh and Aradhana converse.

Mayank inquires about the ownership of the house, whether it belongs to a friend or your boss. Should I inform them of what you did with me? She reminds you that she has requested several times. You state that you only desire her love and ask her to come meet you. Upon noticing Revati’s tense expression, Aradhana approaches her and questions her discomfort. Revati reveals that she fears you will destroy her. Assuring her not to worry, Aradhana urges her to remain calm. Reyansh gestures for Aradhana to join him while Revati retreats upstairs feeling dizzy. Aradhana supports Revati as she loses balance, but Reyansh comes forward and catches Aradhana before she falls. The others observe this moment unfold with Ye Lamha playing in the background.

Revati fainted, and you guys were romancing. Reyansh asks them to help. He lifts Aradhana and asks if she’s alright. Aradhana says she’s okay, but Vikram jokes. Aradhana thanks, but I’m not hurt. Reyansh puts her down. Vikram says people become blind in love, that’s fine. Vivek says a doctor will come.

Reyansh says Aradhana has to show her feet. Aradhana says, “I’ll walk.” Revati cries. Aradhana asks her to vent out, saying this guy is a cheat, I fell in love with him. Aradhana says it happens. I have diabetes, but I eat fries. Revati says I was upset. Reyansh asks Aradhana to watch her diet. He says you girls like wrong guys, why, you want to reform them, like we boys are some sort of project, but Revati says I’m 19 years old, so who will I change?

Aradhana assures Reyansh not to worry and suggests he change his clothes. She quickly remembers her purse and informs him. Reyansh casually tells her not to stress as she got a cramp. Aradhana clarifies that she meant her phone might be ringing. Reyansh offers to retrieve it, despite also having a hurt foot. As he leaves, Revati reveals that a man is blackmailing her with compromising photos and expresses concern about her family’s reaction to her marrying Mayank. Curious, Aradhana asks for more details such as the man’s name and picture, which Revati provides. This triggers Aradhana’s memory of her previous argument and breakup with Mayank, making her hesitate initially. However, she ultimately agrees to help Revati by promising to handle the situation herself since she knows the blackmailer well enough to resolve things without Revati having to meet him in person.

Mayank and Revati are told to Aradhana at home. Bhakti gets milk for them. Jagruti asks what’s the thing ring, did Reyansh give it, Aradhana says no, his mother gave it. Jagruti asks did your Saas propose you? Aradhana says no, I didn’t answer. Harsh arrives. Aradhana says I am sorry, you are upset with me, Sharma uncle accepted Pooja, you still feel angry, I am not a bad daughter.

Your thinking and values are at issue, according to Harsh. Aradhana says you asked me to leave Mayank, I know he was a bad guy, but you stopped me in time, thanks, I know you will think good about me, Vikram is a nice guy, he will keep Pooja happy, I’m sorry, I like to speak with you before I go to work. He says you speak well. They tell you I love you and hug you. Bhakti hugs them as well. Harsh says you are my daughter, my pride. Aradhana nods in agreement.


Kadambari slaps Reyansh. He drinks. Aradhana meets him. He says I love you.

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