Barsatein 22nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Reyansh’s Dramatic Revelation Shocks Aradhana!


Barsatein 22nd November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Varun expressing that Jai often speaks highly of you, mentioning your beauty, hard work, and professionalism. Aradhana says it’s a pleasure to meet him before excusing herself. Varun then shares his desire to have a gym in the office while Jai teasingly comments on his obsession. Suddenly, Jai receives a call from Akash informing him of an important deal in Singapore that he cannot attend. Jai agrees to go and tells Aradhana that they must leave tonight for an urgent meeting and event. He encourages her not to decline the opportunity as it’s a bad habit to say no to the boss. Aradhana agrees without hesitation.

Varun is having a video call with Kriti when Jai interrupts to invite Varun to join them on their trip to Singapore. Varun agrees and says he will join them shortly. Jai jokingly comments on Varun’s misbehavior, but Kriti is curious about their sudden trip. Varun explains that they may have some work there. After ending the call, Kriti becomes suspicious and decides to call Reyansh. She meets him and expresses concern about Aradhana and Jai’s marriage. Reyansh then reveals that he and Aradhana are getting married instead, but Kriti urges him not to go down the path of Kabir Singh and instead be more like SRK from DDLJ.

Kriti plans to stop Reyansh and Jai’s attempt to get married. However, when Reyansh tries calling Jai for help, he doesn’t answer, which angers him. Kriti suggests that he call Akash instead to find out Jai’s whereabouts. After speaking with Akash, who informs him that Jai is busy with important work, Reyansh decides to go to the airport to prevent Jai from taking Aradhana away. As they are preparing to leave, Aradhana reminds them of her bag.

Meanwhile, Jai checks his passport and makes sure everything is in order. Upon arriving at the office where Aradhana is located, Reyansh confronts him about his plans and threatens to intervene. Despite Aradhana’s warning not to challenge her, Reyansh refuses to back down and asks Jai to face him. However, Aradhana reprimands Reyansh for causing trouble and tells him not to interfere with their plans.

Reyansh rips Jai’s passport, much to the shock of both Jai and Aradhana. Jai expresses his frustration, reminding Reyansh of an important meeting he had planned at their intended destination. Reyansh retorts that he is well aware of where they are headed and the reason behind it – their marriage. Concerned, Aradhana questions his actions and reminds him that he should support their plans to work as a journalist at a media hub. However, Reyansh accuses Jai of wanting to marry Aradhana instead. Frustrated by his accusations, Aradhana pushes Reyansh and admits they were planning on getting married. She demands an explanation from him for his behavior, scolding him for causing unnecessary drama when he already knew the truth.

He expresses, “I desire to build a life with you, have children, but there’s a truck approaching.” Urging him, she advises, “Jump down now, seize the opportunity to survive without me.” Determined, he responds, “I can’t imagine life without you. If we can’t be together, then we’ll face it together. I’ve made my decision, I’m by your side.” The song “Main Teri Hogai” plays as she halts the car.

As she tells him, he saved my life. Accept it, you think you hate me, hate me as much as you want, but you can’t live without me, you saved dad, we were made for each other. I don’t want to force you into marriage, I’m yours, marriage is an excuse, we don’t need anyone else. I don’t want your passion, I don’t hate you, I want to forget you, leave me. She cries.

He agrees to just one dinner and evening. Then, he will follow your lead. She also agrees, as long as her parents and Jai are not inconvenienced. He accepts her terms. She reassures him that she will only come once, for one evening. He promises to make the most of that one evening. She exits the car and leaves. Akash expresses his disappointment in what has transpired. He reprimands Jai for his actions. He reminds him that when Aradhana’s proposal comes for him, he cannot simply leave her for Reyansh. No, he should not make decisions based on revenge like Reyansh does.

Akash insists on self-defense, urging Jai to consider his well-being. However, Jai declines, stating that he does not wish to marry. Akash then comes up with a plan; he suggests they reach out to Bhakti and express their readiness for the proposed alliance. Meanwhile, Jai will contact Aradhana to arrange a meeting. Varun, who seems aware of their conversation, confronts Jai about it. After confirming his plans to meet Aradhana, Varun encourages him to agree to the marriage proposal. Just then, Kriti calls Varun and asks for an update. But Varun refuses to divulge information as he prioritizes his brother’s happiness over anything else. Kriti persists, stating her concern for Jai’s happiness, but Varun remains tight-lipped.

According to Varun, Jai is planning to meet Aradhana, which seems to be accurate. Upon meeting her, Jai expresses his desire to ask her something. However, Aradhana declines, stating that she has agreed to an arranged marriage and cannot reciprocate Jai’s love for her. She also mentions that she and Kadambari are different. Trying to reassure her, Jai assures her that he is not pressuring her into anything and presents her with a ring to symbolize his love for her. Meanwhile, Reyansh arrives and witnesses the scene. He remembers Kriti’s words about Aradhana not showing up for their planned meeting and yet coming to get engaged to Jai instead.


He beats up Jai and pushes Aradhana. Aradhana asks Jai to marry her. Jai refuses. Aradhana holds Jai’s hand and leaves. Reyansh says he will kill Jai.

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