Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 29th August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 29th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Reyansh leaving a voice message for Vivek. Aradhana searches for Malini, but notices the storeroom door open. She decides to investigate and enters, only to find that the idol is missing. Suddenly, Reyansh appears and they get into a heated argument. They are unexpectedly locked in the room together and desperately try to get someone’s attention to release them. Meanwhile, Viren and Malini discuss matters with Angad’s parents. Frustrated, Aradhana yells for someone to open the door and continues her search for the missing idols. Reyansh confronts her about it, causing her to snap at him and demand that he not bother her.

She believes I witnessed the idols in this location. He promises to attempt contacting someone, as there seems to be no service. She insists on him finding a solution. Viren accuses Baba and his associates of being deceitful. Angad defends Baba, stating that he has brought luck into their lives by naming them. Vikram calls and instructs them to uncover Baba’s true identity, unaware of Aradhana’s whereabouts. Reyansh assures her that she is stuck with him. Aradhana expresses her disdain for becoming like him, blaming him for filling her with poison. He clarifies that he doesn’t want anyone to emulate his actions. She notices his phone ringing and throws it aside, demanding to know where he hid the camera. She proceeds to search for it herself.

You want to make me leave this city and defame me, then you’ll make a video to defame me again. Reyansh shouts. Viren says we’ll make a video call with baba ji. Alka says we should respect each other. Malini says Angad and Kimaya love each other. Kimaya says that means Alka doesn’t love me. Angad says we should stop fighting or we’ll get married in court. Viren says children are happy, we should be happy too.

Reyansh pleaded, “Can you see me? Is it possible for me to do this?” The CCTV accidentally captured everything, and then I made the mistake of giving the chip to Sunaina. Aradhana’s tears flowed freely. Reyansh continued, “Dubey was the one who leaked the video. Don’t you have any trust in me?” She shoved him away and declared, “I trusted and loved you, and I won’t make that mistake again.” He retorted, “You couldn’t trust me because of this phone!” In a fit of rage, he hurled his device to the ground, shattering it into pieces. She questioned him, “Did you even leave the house? How are we supposed to contact anyone now? You’re impossible!” He shot back with frustration, “No, YOU’RE impossible!” Meanwhile, Kriti’s friends encouraged her to ask Vikram for a solo performance. Kriti refused and instructed them to handle Aradhana instead.

Arnab inquires of Komal for Aradhana’s whereabouts. She questions why, to which he responds, “Love is in the air.” Adding that he has feelings for Aradhana and wishes to see her. Komal playfully teases her about this. Kriti then asks about Vikram’s location. Arnab suggests he may have taken Aradhana away somewhere due to his infatuation with her and advises for them to stay away from him. Komal jests that Vikram is causing chaos and they should go check the terrace as they might be filming there, mocking their desperation. Reyansh, meanwhile, becomes agitated and starts breaking things around them, demanding to know where the camera is. Aradhana stops him and notices his hand bleeding, causing her to worry. He asks if she is concerned for him, to which she also starts breaking things in anger. They discover alcohol bottles and Reyansh sits down to drink while Aradhana expresses her dislike for it, stating that it is a turn-off for her. He jokingly asks if she would still love him if he stopped drinking.

The man asks her to drink it as a medicine. She says I understand, you hurt yourself for an excuse to drink. He says it will erase her pain. She sits down, thirsty. He asks her to drink alcohol. She refuses.


Aradhana drinks with Reyansh. She asks if you came to take revenge. Reyansh replies, “I’m here to apologize, I love you.”.

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