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The Episode begins with Bindiya inquiring how Payal ended up on the terrace. Payal responds that she came from downstairs. Baldev invites Bindiya to accompany him in presenting water to Surya devta. Afterwards, he expresses his delight in seeing Indu wearing jewellery. Bindiya mentions her plans to go out with Payal and Krish offers to give them a ride. However, Bindiya suggests they go by themselves and Baldev commends her while subtly taking a dig at Sakshi. Krish realizes he must join them because he doesn’t trust Rudra.

Baldev invites him to join them as they head to the construction site. After their departure, Sakshi tries to incite Indu, mentioning that Bindiya had only informed Papa ji and not her. Bindiya then asks Payal to pray after her, requesting for her love and dreams to come true. Payal nods in agreement before burning Bindiya’s hand with the aarti flame. She believes this will bring harm to Bindiya’s home. However, the Goddess idol is shown dropping a flower into the diya, shocking Bindiya. She quickly takes the burning flower and puts out the fire before relighting the diya and offering her prayers with folded hands.

As they prepare to depart, Indu suddenly speaks up, reminding Payal of her muh dikhayi rasam. Smiling to herself, Payal realizes her mother-in-law and sister-in-law have made things easier for her. Bindiya then informs Payal that she has arranged for Rudra to meet them later in the evening. Payal admits that her intentions and goals may change by then. However, Bindiya insists that she still meets him. Eventually, Payal agrees and assures Bindiya not to worry about the rasam and focus on it instead. As Bindiya insists on letting Rudra speak first before joining them, Payal is already on her way and quickly makes a call to Rudra, urging him not to come anymore. Unfortunately, he had already agreed halfway through the journey. Realizing the need to stick with her plan now more than ever, Payal sends Krish a voice message reassuring him that she is ready to handle Rudra alone due to Bindiya’s busy schedule with the rasam. She slyly adds that Krish will come running once he hears this message.

Krish receives a message from Payal while at the construction site. However, before he can leave, Baldev requests him to review the layout. Agreeing to do so, Krish steps aside to listen to Payal’s voice message. Puzzled by Bindiya’s actions, he contemplates why she met Rudra alone. Upon finishing the message, Krish heads towards Baldev and expresses his desire to discuss something with him. Curious about the contents of the audio clip that motivated Krish to come, Baldev inquires about its sender and what it contained. Meanwhile, Sakshi approaches Bindiya and reminds her to prepare for their gathering with the other ladies, asking for her assistance in doing so.

Baldev says it is just an audio clip and asks why you are saying this? Krish says you are married to Bindiya and you got married with her wish and that you shall be loyal to her. He says I got married to the girl of your choice, and came here to work, but it seems you will never trust me. He asks him to let him go for a while and says he will return. He tells Baldev you won my trust after marrying Bindiya, so he tells him to leave.

Krish notifies Payal through a voice message of his impending arrival. Sakshi appears with an array of jewelry and sandals, exclaiming that she has made sure Bindiya looks like the perfect Shukla family bahu. She carefully adorns Bindiya with heavy jewelry and sandals, adding that she now looks the part but is missing one thing. Bindiya insists she has put on everything, to which Sakshi reveals a pair of high heels and requests her to wear them. Despite Bindiya’s reluctance, Sakshi explains it is only for the muh dikhayi ceremony. Acknowledging her hesitation, Sakshi reminds her that being a new member of the family requires adapting to new customs and suggests wearing the heels to win Indu’s heart, as cooking alone cannot achieve that.


Indu gets angry at Bindya for breaking her sandal and spilling juice on the guests’ ladies. Payal waits for Krish to arrive.

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