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Suhaagan 15th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Bindiya realizing she hadn’t checked the table and starts reading while working. Payal approaches Amy to make friends with her. She notices Amy’s headphones and asks about them, to which Amy replies that they are wireless. Just then, Bindiya calls out to Payal. Payal worries that if Amy sees Mason, she won’t want to be friends anymore. Amy asks if Payal is from the city, and when she confirms it, she questions why she moved here. Without waiting for an answer, Bindiya interrupts their conversation. Hurt by the rejection, Payal tries to explain herself to Bindiya while Amy walks away, thinking she has caused tension between them. Eventually, Bindiya refuses to speak to Payal and instead goes home with Amy.

She is approached by Phoolmati. Amy tells her about Payal refusing to acknowledge Bindiya as her sister. Phoolmati says Payal is always selfish and says she will light a fire between them from a distance. Amy says she will get the work done. Bindiya asks why Payal felt ashamed to identify her. She asks why you refused to identify you when you fell in the pit. Payal says that she saw her with a stinking cart and that’s why she said that. Bindiya forgives her.

Phoolmati informs Rose/Amy that they will now split the girls. Referring to the Britishers’ “divide and rule” tactic, she explains that by dividing them, one day they will no longer recognize each other. Phoolmati reveals that Payal will be delighted with the nicer clothes and other perks. As she receives a call from Bhim, she excuses herself and leaves. Meanwhile, Bindiya approaches Lallan and hands him 300 Rs, instructing him to begin the water supply. Lallan requests an additional 200 Rs from her, explaining that once everyone contributes 200 more Rs, then he can start the supply. Payal realizes that she cannot imitate Amy’s style so instead plans to offer her food and try to become friends with her.

Upon arriving at Master ji’s house, Bindiya discloses her dilemma to him. Despite his repeated inquiries, all of her responses are incorrect. He advises her to seek assistance from Zila parishad. Meanwhile, Phoolmati heads over to Rose’s place and shares a plan with her. However, Rose is too distracted to pay attention and insists on leaving the premises. In an attempt to cheer her up, Phoolmati offers Rose some ice cream and speculates that Payal may be pondering how to become friends with her. Later on, Payal approaches Bindiya and requests 100 Rs from her. Bindiya initially agrees but then changes it to 50 and ultimately states she has no money at all. She explains that she already gave money to Lallan for water supply services. Payal then makes it clear that she will not return the money once she grows up.


She sees Madan and he tells her that he got the officer into an accident and that Lallan will trouble her.

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