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As Anuj confides in Anupama, he expresses his uncertainty about the limited time he has and whether this opportunity will present itself again. He desires to reveal everything to her. However, before he can continue his story, Meenu interrupts to inform Anupama of her persistent phone calls. Just as Anuj resumes his tale, Gurumaa contacts Anupama and she excuses herself to answer the call. Frustrated, Anuj slams his foot against the wall. At Gurukul, Gurumaa reprimands her students for neglecting their duties. Finally, Anupama arrives and Nakul inquires about her whereabouts after trying to reach her multiple times.

Anupama apologizes for not answering her phone, as she was busy with her son’s mehendi and sangeet. Gurumaa reminds her that she previously warned her to not neglect personal matters if she wants to be a part of the institute. Anupama explains that she can let go of everything else, but cannot stop being a mother. She shares how she is striving to balance her roles as a student and a mother, and mentions that her son insisted on her presence at all the wedding celebrations. She concludes that rejecting her son’s request would make her unfit to be called a mother. Nakul adds that there is no room for excuses.

Gurumaa interrupts Nakul to compliment Anupama’s appearance. She then suggests that Anupama choose a costume for her upcoming dance. While noticing Anuj’s name on her hand, Gurumaa remarks that he still holds a special place in her heart. In response, Anupama compares love to a persistent tenant who refuses to listen to their landlord once it has arrived. Understanding her concerns, Gurumaa encourages Anupama to go and fulfil her potential but worries that her feelings for Anuj may hold her back. Despite this obstacle, Gurumaa sees great potential in Anupama and has something special planned for her. However, Nakul is concerned about the possibility of Gurumaa passing on the responsibility of the gurukul to Anupama, as he has been taking care of it since childhood.

Leela winces in pain after the sangeet, prompting Toshu to suggest using her special pain oil. Curious about Anupama’s whereabouts, Leela turns to Samar who reveals she had to leave for Gurukul. Frustrated, Leela questions the importance of Anupama’s son’s sangeet compared to her duties at Gurukul. Samar explains there was an emergency and Anupama had let him know beforehand. Despite this, Leela continues to scold Anupama. Kanta then asks why she is so concerned when even Anupama’s own mother isn’t bothered by it. Vanraj steps in and says it doesn’t matter as long as one of them is informed by Anupama. Dolly chimes in and reassures that they are all present to help with the festivities. Maya offers her assistance as well. In a sarcastic tone, Leela comments on how someone who broke their own home is offering to help build another’s. Meanwhile, Anupama manages to finish selecting costumes for her fellow students and decides to stay back to finish some remaining work.

As Little Anu is sleepy, Maaya tells Anuj that they should return home. Ankush has some work from Anuj, so Anuj asks Barkha to take them home. Ankush asks what works, then says he forgot that they have to visit the office. After the wedding is over, Barkha asks Ankush not to talk about work until it is over. Anuj says it is important and leaves with Ankush. Barkha asks about Anupama. Kanta says she will arrive late.

Vanraj is grateful that Anuj left without waiting for Anupama. As Kavya approaches him, she hesitates to share her pregnancy news. Anupama informs Nakul that she has completed all her tasks and is leaving now. Nakul inquires if she is confident she can handle it. Anupama assures him that she has been doing it for a month already. However, Nakul cautions her about being overconfident and reminds her that one mistake could lead to Amma removing her from Gurukul. Anupama acknowledges his concern and asserts that she is determined to succeed. Nakul then asks if she is prepared to stay away from her family for 3 years. Anupama confidently declares that she has made up her mind and will not back down.

Ankush commends Anuj for being honest with Anupama, then promptly leaves the car and asks him to call once his meeting with Anupama is over so they can go home together. The Shah family is exhausted after the events of the day. Vanraj recalls Kavya’s attempted confession. The whole family playfully teases Samar, predicting that he will be saying Dimpy’s name after marriage. Leela asks Vanraj if Kavya revealed why she stopped modelling and if she is staying with Anirudh or on her own. Dolly questions why she even cares. Vanraj reminisces about how nervous Anuj seemed during their conversation. As Anupama walks down the street, she wonders about Nakul’s words. Suddenly, Anuj stops his car and the song “Ek Duje Ke Vaaste” plays in the background. Barkha panics at the thought of Anuj going to the office. Maaya also worries about what would happen if Anuj went to meet Anupama again. Vanraj shares the same concerns as well.

Anupama asks Anuj what he is doing here at this time. Anuj says he has already delayed things and doesn’t want to delay anymore. He opens the car door for her. She gets in. They look at each other and recall all the recent events.


Despite being able to stop living, Anuj cannot stop loving her. She can get angry with him but never hates him. Anupama hugs him and says she can hate herself, but not him. Anuj asks what is next. Anupama says he is walking on a path that time has opened up for him, just like she has to walk on a path that time has opened up for her. They both walk in different directions.

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