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Suhaagan 14th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Phoolmati beating Madan while Rekha begs for her to stop. Suddenly, they spot an approaching Inspector, causing Phoolmati to freeze in shock. The Inspector inquires if they have been harassing Bindiya once again. Phoolmati, quick to pin the blame on someone else, points at Madan and claims he is their “Kans Mama”, who has caused them trouble. The Inspector then clarifies that he is indeed their “Kans Mama”, to which Madan counters by describing Phoolmati as their “Taadka Bua” who has committed theft and kidnapping. Rekha adds that they even slipped sleeping pills into Bindiya and Payal’s food. Fearing for her family’s safety, Payal speaks up and pleads with the Inspector not to let them go unpunished. Ignoring Bindiya’s request to stay out of it, the Inspector promises to take action against them since he was recently transferred back and can now look into their wrongdoings. As the three culprits are being taken away by the police, Payal expresses her desire to celebrate this victory with a party tonight.

Bindiya and Payal are enjoying a coke and dancing in the house to celebrate, while Dadi looks on with joy. Meanwhile, at the police station, Inspector brutally beats Madan and Bhim, warning them not to return to Chiraiyya. Phoolmati and Rekha feel terrible for their husbands. Just then, Bhim receives a call informing him of his Amma’s illness. He urgently needs to leave or risk losing everything. Rekha takes a seat in her car while Madan expresses his inability to drive. Calmly, she explains that she is not taking him with her but leaving him behind. She confesses that she deserves someone who can make her happy and declares that she will take his car instead. With this statement, she drives away, leaving Madan in shock.

After receiving Ram Pyaari’s milk the next day, Bindiya goes to her farm and listens to the Aashayein song….Payal goes to school and plays with her friends. The teacher tells Payal to write everything the next day. Bindiya works in the field and tells Kaka about the other farm’s lack of water. Master Ji’s wife displays her discontent through her behavior while Master Ji is teaching her. Meanwhile, Bindiya assists Dadi with household chores.

Bindiya asks Kaka why water hasn’t come for 7 days. Kaka says they’ll talk to Lalan. Payal lies to another Master ji and says she can’t concentrate because she works in the house. The Master ji says he knows Bindiya works. Payal is upset. A fat girl comes to Payal’s class later. Master ji says she is Amy. Payal asks her to sit, but she sits on the opposite bench.

As a result of Bindiya, Lalan informs the villagers that water is not available to everyone. Lalan asks her to bring money. Bindiya says water is free. Lalan says he gets tax. Kaka says everyone pays him tax, including your father. Bindiya agrees. Upon giving money to Lalan, he will give water. He laughs.

After seeing Amy having burgers and cake, Payal ponders how to communicate with her. She asks the kids to get food. She thinks to befriend her, and she tells her that she is Payal. She asks if she is from Kanpur. Amy says she doesn’t want anyone to bother her, and she thinks Mummy is right that she got happy when she saw Burger. She is Phoolmati’s daughter. Madan speaks with Lallan. Lallan tells Madan that he has stopped the water supply.

Payal asks Bindiya for 100 rupees. Bindiya says she doesn’t have any money. Payal says she won’t give her any money when she’s grown up.

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