Suhaagan 10th May 2023 Written Episode Update


Suhaagan 10th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with Phoolwati asking Bhim to come. Madan asks who will take care of Amma. Phoolwati asks him to take care of Amma and leaves. Bindiya tells Payal that they can’t leave without Dadi. In the car, Madan, Rekha, Dadi, Bindiya, and Payal are heading to the park. When they reach the park, Bindiya makes Dadi have the samosas. Payal’s plate falls. She is going to throw the samosas and kachoris, but Bindiya takes them and feeds them to the birds.

Madan says Bindiya is very wise. Payal gets jealous. Madan asks who will sit on the swing first. Payal says I will sit. Madan makes her swing. Bindiya calls Payal small. Dadi thinks even you are small. She sees Bindiya with Rekha and becomes jealous. Madan makes Bindiya swing, and Rekha takes her to the bathroom.

Payal tells Rekha that she shouldn’t have put mud on Bindiya’s dress and says that she wants her to be her favourite. She sees Bindiya standing instead of Rekha. As soon as Phoolwati and Bhim leave the jewellery store, she says she will attack them like Phoolan Devi. Madan and Rekha devise a plan and explain that fooling innocent people is easy. They find the car tyres missing and the bangle on the road.

We will not be able to get any help here, so Madan says we must walk there. Phoolwati sells the tyres and gets the money. Bhim and Phoolwati are happy. When it starts raining, Madan and the others start walking home. Bindiya holds the mat on Amma’s head. Payal seeks shelter there.

When they reach home, Madan confronts Phoolwati. Phoolwati says she is different from him, who destroys proof. Madan says they will leave now. Dadi asks Phoolwati to go to her inlaws. Phoolwati says you don’t trust me, but you trust him. Madan, Phoolwati and others argue. Payal is told by Bindiya to call Mama when he sees Dadi’s condition deteriorating. While fighting, they don’t listen. Payal beats the plates and tells Phoolwati that Dadi has been ill. Madan takes Dadi to his room. Bindiya says he is tired. Payal says he is Bua.

Rekha and Madan are outside. She tells Madan she didn’t marry him for this and she wants to rule, but her destiny is bad. Amma, Bindiya and Payal irritate her. Madan asks her to wait another day and says Phoolwati will leave tomorrow. Phoolwati will leave soon, Payal hopes.

As Masterji tells Madan, Phoolmati is creating a scene in front of the whole village, let’s hurry up before something big happens.

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