Suhaagan 25th November 2023: Bindiya’s Truth Unveiled, Family Tensions Rise


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Indu asks Baldev if he remembers Krish’s stuff, and he says yes. Then Sakshi asks what all this stuff is. She tells Vikram that she has kept even Krish’s things for his son, but Sakshi hasn’t given them a chance. She asks Baldev to call the interior decorator for the baby’s room, and Payal and Krish come home. Indu asks if the baby is okay. Payal tells her to ask Bindiya. Bindiya arrives. Krish shares everything with them. Everyone is shocked.

The real Bindiya, in fact, the liar, says Krish. He says she’s innocent on the outside and betrayal on the inside. He says she slammed my trust whenever I trusted her. She says she lied a lot, but we never doubted her. Baldev asks what happened. Krish says Bindiya crossed her limits. He says since you found out she lost her memory, you are blaming yourself and me, and he says she was pretending to lose her memory.

Baldev is shocked. Bindiya says this is not the full truth. Indu asks if she’s acting like she’s lost her memory. Bindiya says yes, but I wanted to share a big truth. She says Nidhi is pregnant, not Payal. Everyone is shocked. Pankaj is shocked, too. Payal says you’re saying this because of the hospital and says if you’re caught, it doesn’t mean you’ll turn others into thieves.

Indu says you do not have to show proof. Krish went with me for an ultrasound and asked how many proofs I should provide. She says you don’t need evidence and that Bindiya was acting to be suhaagan, but God gave you the boon to become the mother of his baby. Nidhi asks if I was pregnant and why I would have lied. She asked if I needed to do a test now, and she said Mummy sent it to me with Payal. Indu asks if Bindiya is a judge and that everyone will provide proof to her.

Bindiya confidently declares that she can determine who is telling the truth and who is lying. With a raw papaya in her hand, she challenges Nidhi to eat it, claiming that it will cause a miscarriage for pregnant women. Payal becomes concerned while Bindiya reminds Nidhi of how she heard her baby’s heartbeat earlier that day and asks her to put her claim to the test by eating the fruit. However, Payal fears that Nidhi might ruin their plan. In response, Nidhi refuses Bindiya’s offer. She defends herself by saying pineapple is her favourite fruit, which she would gladly eat instead. Enraged by Nidhi’s refusal, Bindiya deliberately drops the plate, causing a commotion. Confronted by Nidhi about her behaviour, Bindiya argues that she was trying to protect Nidhi’s innocent unborn child and questions why Nidhi would play with a fate like this. As tensions rise, Indu steps in and slaps Bindiya in anger.

When Bindiya asks Babu Ji if he trusts her, he tells her to take her lie pot and leave her house. She is crying. She asks Babu Ji if he trusts her and says it’s all Pallu’s conspiracy. Baldev turns his face. Bindiya asks him to say. Pankaj asks Baldev to forgive Bindiya. The Bindiya he knows does not know to lie or cheat, and she is selfless. He has been cursing himself ever since he learned about her memory loss.

It is my last hope; don’t say this, Bindiya cries. Pankaj goes to Nidhi. Bindiya feels lonely. When she wakes up, she sees everyone together but alone. Payal tells Indu that you see her true face now, but I have been her victim since childhood. She tells Indu that I sacrificed my love for her, and she tried everything she could to get him back.

Krish is not her love, but is just her stubbornness. She says she is scared and worried that she will harm her. She says I am terrified and I cannot stay with her. Indu says Bindiya cannot stay here even for a minute. She holds her hand and tries to throw her out. Krish, Baldev and others should believe her. Indu asks her to leave, and Pankaj stands before them, closing the door.

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