Kavya 27th March 2024: Adi and Kavya’s Strained Relationship Deepens Amid Family Struggles


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The Episode begins with Adi reprimanding Kavya for her actions. Kavya defends herself, stating that Adi makes assumptions based on incomplete information. Malini interrupts, denying Kavya’s accusations and explaining that she was tending to Omi who was crying. She questions Kavya’s intentions and accuses her of causing a rift between Alka and Omi. Kavya clarifies that she never questioned Malini’s intentions, but Adi cuts her off, admitting his mistake in trusting her to behave ethically and instructing her not to interfere further.

Adi asks Alka how you thought Mum would do wrong with Omi. She cries. He says we are one family, and you don’t come in outsider’s words. He asks Kavya not to go between Malini and Alka. Sanjeev says you messed up by calling Kavya right. He goes crying. He says Alka takes the baby and gives it to Malini. Omi cries. She stumbles.

He says I understand Alka’s pain. Adi is not evil. Kavya says he blames me, and I can’t regard him wrongly. He holds her tight and tells her not to worry. He says you have gone mad, and I heard you got a refrigerator and TV. She says you sent it. He laughs and says no. She says Adi. He nods and remembers what Adi said.

She says I must find Omi’s killer to win Adi’s trust. Adi says we will find him. Badi Amma worries. She goes to him and says your wife is troubling everyone in the family. He says I am fine. She asks him to take Kavya out. Giriraj says no, he’ll hold Kavya’s hand and have an outing, I know what he needs now, don’t give him wrong advice. She asks what. Adi says Kavya has crossed boundaries.

Giriraj says I didn’t ask you not to take revenge; you can do it; you’ve become prevalent; it’s an excellent chance to take advantage, take Kavya on the campaign and make your public image; your seat is fixed; it’s a great opportunity. Badi Amma says she agrees now if it improves Adi’s life. He smiles.

Malini instructs Omi to consume the milk while Alka enters the room. She mentions that the baby may not have adequately burped, perhaps due to this reason. Spotting Kavya, she remembers how Kavya had handed over the baby to her earlier, asking her to feed him. Badi Amma loses her temper and slaps Anurag for his incompetence. She expresses disappointment that he was unaware of Giriraj’s meeting with the party head. Anurag tries to reassure her by saying that Giriraj did not secure the ticket. However, Badi Amma is unconvinced and stops Adi from acting against Giriraj. She warns him that their new plan must ensure Kavya’s safety since she is now with Adi. Killing Giriraj would only lead Kavya to expose them, so they need to come up with a different approach to succeed in their goal. Badi Amma stresses that they must not kill Giriraj but also cannot let him live freely.

Alka, thanks, Kavya. Kavya smiles. She says she just heard Omi’s message and cried. Kavya asks what message. Alka says he sent him a voice message, but the call disconnected. Kavya asks her to play it. Alka plays the message. Kavya says it sounds like a band sound; maybe he was around a band, and perhaps we can find a witness. Alka says many marriages happen in a day. Kavya says I got a big clue, I know it’s tough, but I’m going to find out, I know.

Mayank and his friend come home. They get sweets and say we have begun our business. Kavya says we are happy, who is paying for the factory, what’s his name. Mayank says Sameer Shukla. She says anyways, I know you have grown up, business is risky, think well and read the document before signing. She leaves. He says Anurag will help us.

He says you can’t go there on bail. Adi’s lawyer won’t let you get permission. Sanjeev says Omi’s car was found here. Kavya says it is the Bhagalpur area, and the people know me well. I’ll go there. She says if Giriraj and Adi get the permissions, then… He asks how he will do this. After dinner with Giriraj and Adi, Kavya comes home. She signs Alka. Alka says Kavya did well in Bhagalpur.

It’s good, Giriraj says; listen to me, and take Kavya with you. He asks Kavya to eat. She says no, I feel unwell. He asks her to go to Bhagalpur with Adi. She says, “I’m sorry, but I can’t go.”. He asks why. She says I’m out on bail, so I cannot go. If you go there, with Adi and campaign well, he’ll get you permission to go there. She says I’ll go there, it’s for my husband’s future. Adi, I can’t tolerate your hatred.


A blast occurs at some event when Kavya confronts Badi Amma. Badi Amma asks what will you do? Adi comes to the event.

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