Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 1st November 2023: Job Dilemma and Late-Night Adventures


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Ashaan asks Prateek not to advise him. Savi doesn’t even thank him, skips classes, and ignores him. Surekha calls Ishaan and informs him he’s meeting a girl this Saturday. Surekha reminds Ishaan of his promise. Savi meets Roopa as Kalra’s head makes her meet her. She says she will be fined 10 lakhs and jailed if she meets anyone or tells anyone about her job if she accepts the job.

Roopa informs Savi that she cannot change her mind once she accepts the job. She reminds Savi of Harini’s financial struggles and inquires about the details of the work. Roopa explains the nature of the work and mentions that the pay is 50k for 7 days. After considering it, Savi signs the agreement and asks when she can begin working. Roopa replies that they can start immediately and takes her to see where the job is located. Upon reaching the room, Roopa points out that Savi’s work is ready for her to begin. Savi observes with curiosity.

Shantanu updates Isha on Ishaan’s wedding outfits and mentions Surekha’s haste. He shares the news that Durva’s marriage has also been confirmed. Isha inquires if they have looked into the groom’s family. Shantanu responds by revealing that Durva has approved the match and finalised it. He believes Ishaan will be drawn to the girl just as he likes Reeva. Isha points out that since Reeva resembles her, there is a possibility that Ishaan will appreciate Surekha’s choice as well. She then inquires about Savi’s well-being. Shantanu asks why she never contacts him to inquire about himself. Isha clarifies that it is not intentional, but Shantanu ends the conversation by hanging up.

Savi asks Bajirao where she is going in the middle of the night when he sees her walking on the street. Bajirao asks Savi to get into the police car and says he will drop her off. Savi gets into the police car. Bajirao asks Savi what she is doing here. Savi comes up with a reason. Bajirao tells Savi not to come here and says the neighbourhood isn’t good. Savi agrees.

After expressing his appreciation for Savi’s personality, Bajirao drops her off at the hostel. However, upon arriving, Savi is met with resistance from the watchman due to her lateness. She apologizes and promises to be on time in the future. Durva observes this situation from a distance and takes pleasure in it while Sam waits in the car. Eventually, Durva joins Sam, and they depart from the scene. As Savi receives a final warning from the watchman, she expresses her gratitude before entering the hostel.

Seeing Durva come home late, Ishaan asks her where she went. Durva says she went to the club with Sam. Durva later tells Ishaan that Bajirao dropped Savi off at the hostel. Ishaan calls the watchman to confirm it.


Savi overhears Ishaan’s conversation with Shukla about planning a surprise birthday party for Savi with Shukla and Savi’s friends. Ishaan wants Shukla to keep Savi’s involvement a secret.

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