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Surekha tells Shantanu that if Isha has sent Savi here after so many years, she surely has ulterior motives. Shantanu argues that Isha’s intentions are pure and helping a bright girl fulfill her dream of becoming an IAS officer is no harm. Yashwanth worries that Savi’s presence will trigger Ishan’s memories of his mother and bring sorrow to all. Surekha adds that Isha abandoned her own child to pursue her career, while her son needed her the most, she was busy teaching other people’s children.

In her talk about Ishan’s mother, Shantanu explains that Ishan used to cry for his mother as a result of Surekha; Surekha closed the door on Isha’s face when she returned for her son; Yashwant and Surekha forced Isha out of her home due to their barbaric rules. Nishikanth asks him to stop remembering the past. Shantanu says he is forced to remember the past. Yashwanth says Shantanu is taunting them. Shantanu says they forced him to speak because they forced him to.

Harini massages her MIL’s legs, while Kiran inquires about Savi’s delay. As if on cue, the doorbell rings and Kiran goes to welcome Ramtek’s runaway bride. Savi defends herself, stating that running away was not a choice but a desperate need. Shantanu turns to Surekha and Yashwanth, questioning if they ever considered the impact their actions had on Ishan. He points out how much Ishan has changed – he didn’t even try to stop Riva from leaving for London and his anger has turned him into a monster who took his frustration out on poor Savi. The once decent Ishan now fills me with shame. Unbeknownst to them, Ishan overhears their conversation as Savi greets Kiran’s parents. In response, Kiran’s mother questions if she eloped from her own home to come here.

Savi denies eloping with any boy, disappointing her mother-in-law who was hoping for a scandalous story. She respectfully touches her mother-in-law’s feet, but is met with disapproval as her MIL claims she cannot bless an eloped girl and hopes for Savi to leave soon. Her father-in-law clarifies that his wife meant that Savi either get admission soon and leave or return back to Ramtek. Savi confidently declares that she will only return to Ramtek once she becomes an IAS officer. In the meantime, Kiran chimes in saying that Savi has yet to secure admission. Harini offers words of support, stating that her sister is intelligent and sure to get admitted. However, MIL quickly reminds them all of their limited space – only 2 rooms – and suggests that Savi sleep in the kitchen. Harini kindly counters this by offering the living room as a sleeping option. MIL insists on the frequency of guests and being unable to allow Savi to sleep there. Unfazed, Savi responds by saying it would be fine for her to sleep in the kitchen since she…

Ishan approaches Shantanu and questions whether his decisions were driven by anger and insecurity. He clarifies that he never hindered Riva’s pursuits, but instead encouraged her and her mother’s aspirations. However, when he suggested that she could move to London for her career, he was unable to join her due to certain limitations. In response, Shantanu points out that Ishan essentially gave Riva an ultimatum between him and her dreams, which is what Surekha and Yashwanth did to Isha. Ishan defends himself by mentioning how the woman/Isha chose her career over being with her son. He then claims that a career-focused woman tends to disregard her family, citing Savi as an example because she resembles Isha’s teacher who he despises. When Shantanu asks what Savi did wrong, Ishan accuses her of ruining someone’s life by eloping in a bridal attire to follow her ambitions. He continues justifying his perspective.

Savi sets up her makeshift bed in the kitchen, while Harini kindly offers her some food. Suddenly, her MIL rushes in and secures the fridge and cupboards. Confused, Savi questions her actions. The MIL nervously explains that she is concerned about rats getting into the food and then hurries away. Savi turns to Harini for an explanation, and they both share a laugh. Harini reveals that her MIL is worried about Savi’s warning. Reflecting on their relationship, Harini becomes emotional as she feels unable to provide support to Savi when Savi always helps her. Savi reassures her not to dwell on it and comforts her. The next morning, as Savi prepares for an interview, she calls Ashwini for blessings over the phone.

Ashwini blesses her. Vinu hears their conversation. After seeking Harini’s MIL’s blessings, Savi is taunted and refuses to do so. As I will be getting admission and leaving this house, she says it will be good for her if she blesses. MIL blesses her. As Kiran suddenly holds Savi’s hand tightly and wishes her all the best, Savi senses his intention and releases her hand.

Ishan walks to Savi 15 minutes early and nervously waits for her interview. Savi stands up and accidentally drops her water bottle on his foot. He writhes in pain and shouts if she deliberately troubles him. Ishan asks him to keep her answer for the interview, but he is certain she won’t pass. He wishes her all the best.


Savi answers Ishan’s questions in her own style. He challenges her to a basketball match.

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