Agnisakshi 25th April 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 25th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode opens with Rajnandini urging Narayan to sign the papers and finalize the deal if he believes it is the right choice. Jeevika intervenes, attempting to dissuade Narayan. Rajnandini suggests that they can discuss it further with their father at a later time. Narayan expresses his disappointment in Satvik’s refusal to take on this responsibility, stating that he has once again let him down. Jeevika pleads for her father to direct his anger towards her instead of Satvik, claiming responsibility for the situation. Rajnandini insists that Narayan go ahead and sign, but Jeevika urges him to listen to her perspective first. She apologizes for interfering with the elders’ decision-making process, but she can’t bear to see Satvik being unfairly judged. She reminds Narayan that Satvik has simply fulfilled his duty as a husband should.

Satvik asks Shlok if he has any work. Shlok says no. He praises Jeevika and says she likes to mingle with everyone. Satvik says that she is very special and unique. Shlok says that we need to take extra care because she will not leave the house again. When she wasn’t there, we had a difficult time.

Jeevika tells Narayan everything that happened yesterday. Narayan gets up and asks why Satvik didn’t tell me? Jeevika says you didn’t give him a chance to speak. Narayan asks Rajnandini why she didn’t tell him? Rajnandini says I tried, but you only said we wouldn’t mix professional and personal lives. Narayan says I’ve upset Satvik and dismisses the deal with Vohras. Rajnandini gets angry.

Swara and Shlok are anonymously conversing, unaware of who the other person is. Swara expresses her current state of concern, to which Shlok responds with his own worry for his brother. Swara then shares her concern for her sister, and both find solace in their conversation, expressing gratitude towards each other. Shlok bids good night, while Swara continues to write during daytime. He mentions that they both have opposite sleeping patterns – he sleeps at night while she is active during the day. Swara clarifies that it is not the case for her. Meanwhile, Narayan approaches Satvik and apologizes on behalf of Jeevika for keeping him out of the loop. He reveals that Jeevika has informed him about everything and acknowledges that he would have been able to help if Udkarsh was present. Narayan questions why Satvik is similar to him?

Satvik reveals his relation to Narayan, causing a surge of emotions. Narayan soon departs, leaving behind an angry Rajnandini who feels defeated by her perceived inferior puppet. As Juhi expresses her disappointment in Rajnandini’s failure to stay vigilant, Rajnandini resolves to remove her metaphorical wings and bring her down. Aadhya informs Jeevika that their father has gone to see Satvik and predicts his return with a somber demeanor after reprimanding him. However, Satvik later joins them and twirls with Jeevika, surprising Aadhya who decides to give them some privacy. Grateful for the conversation he had with their father earlier, Satvik expresses his gratitude towards Jeevika.

When Rohit Vohra calls Rajnandini and asks where his money is, Rajnandini says the time is up. He says that time isn’t over yet. Rohit says he used to listen to you because you said big. Rajnandini taunts Satvik for not controlling himself. She calls Rao and asks him to return Vohra’s money with interest. Mr. Rao says half of the money was spent paying your old dues and half was invested in stocks that crashed. Rajnandini asks him to tell the solution.

Rajnandini hears Satvik saying he’s very happy. He runs to the bathroom. Jeevika asks Shri Krishna if he doesn’t want me and Satvik together. She says that you are my Satvik, my Shri Krishna. Satvik says he wants to ask you if you’ll help me always. He takes the file and picks it up, but some papers fall down. Jeevika helps him pick up the papers. She finds divorce papers and wonders why she forgets the truth about her relationship.

Manohar notices the emptiness of the house since Jeevika’s departure and shares his observation with Pradeep. However, Pradeep responds that she is unable to visit frequently. Concerned, Manohar asks if there is any issue between them, to which Pradeep reassures him that everything is fine. In his mind, he hopes for a resolution soon. Jeevika then requests for a pen, but Pradeep questions her purpose. She explains that they need it for signing something tomorrow. As she searches for the pen, Satvik remains standing. Finally finding it, she questions why he wants to sign so quickly. To this, he responds by saying it is necessary for their impending divorce or in case the truth about their marriage changes. Trying to hold back tears, Jeevika signs and asks him to do the same. In the background, Agnisakshi song plays…

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