Teri Meri Doriyaan 7th October 2023 Written Update


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Seerat proudly displays Angad’s revamped room to Manveer, declaring it as her first step towards removing Sahiba from his memory. Touched by Seerat’s efforts, Manveer commends her. Seerat admits she feels special when praised by Manveer. In response, Manveer suggests she start calling her “mamma” and encourages her to continue enriching her son’s life the way she has decorated the room. Curious, Manveer asks if Seerat planned the decoration with the intention of living in this room in the future. Seerat shrugs, admitting that thought hadn’t crossed her mind. Manveer advises her to start considering the possibility then.

Sahiba dials Angad’s number, but he does not answer. Meanwhile, Angad visits the stalker’s residence at Baweja House and is informed by the guard that the elder and younger Bawejas are both out. Wanting to extend an invitation to Mr. Baweja for his sister’s wedding, Angad introduces himself as CEO of Brar Jewelers and claims to have already spoken to Mr. Baweja who had asked him to wait inside the house. The guard grants him access and as he enters, a maid informs him that the senior Baweja is in Malaysia while the junior is not home. Undeterred, Angad decides to wait and it is there that he comes across a photo of Karthik, whom he knows as Rumi Baba. Putting everything together, Angad quickly rushes to his office in order to save Sahiba from harm’s way.

Rumi casts a spell, causing Pam and the guards to lose consciousness. He then knocks on the door, posing as a security guard, and requests Sahiba to open it. After she does so, she searches for Pam and the guards but finds nothing. However, she spots a phone and uses its flashlight to discover them unconscious on the ground. She then returns to Angad’s office, only to find Karthik has locked himself inside. In a state of fear, Sahiba questions his identity. Karthik reveals himself and she is astonished to see him there. She asks if he is the stalker who has been harassing her. Rumi clarifies that he is not Karthik and confesses his love for her.

Angad was twice tried to be killed by Karthik, but Sahiba saved him both times. He expresses how he intends to live with her peacefully without Angad’s interference. Sahiba warns him to keep away from her and not talk negatively about Angad. Angad rushes towards the office and hopes Sahiba is fine. Sahiba’s phone is switched off when he calls her.

He finds even Pam not picking up call and calls landline. Sahiba picks up call and informs him that her college student Karthik is stalking her. As Angad asks if she is alright, Karthik disconnects the landline and threatens to kill Angad. Sahiba warns him not to hurt again. Their argument continues.


Angad brutally trashes Rumi for bothering Sahiba and comforts him.

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