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Sahiba walks to Seerat and asks if she has stayed with Angad and how he is doing. Seerat asks what she is doing here. Sahiba asks why she is acting as if she were others. Although Sahiba does not regard Seerat as a Brar daughter-in-law, she considers herself one and will obey her husband’s orders.

Sahiba states that Seerat is her older sister before becoming a Brar daughter-in-law. Seerat argues and gets adamant about not letting her. Sahiba says she is Angad’s wife and nobody can stop her from meeting him. After much difficulty, Angad recovered consciousness, so Sahiba shouldn’t make her feel low in her in-laws’ eyes. Seerat leaves Sahiba’s hand as Sahiba pleads to let her go. Angad notices Sahiba and calls her. Sahiba says Angad himself wants to meet her.

Angad inquires Sahiba whether she would prefer to laugh or cry. Sahiba responds by mentioning that she had initially chosen to cry, but upon seeing his face, she feels inclined to laugh. Angad playfully remarks that girls are attracted to his face. Sahiba jokingly counters, stating that his face could give anyone a heart attack.

Sahiba grasps Angad’s hand and inquires about his current well-being. Angad replies, “Better than before.” Sahiba mentions that she couldn’t be with him last night. Angad acknowledges that he is aware of it. Even though their relationship is different from other couples, Sahiba prays for his speedy recovery and says she never thought of harming him. Angad asks if she did. As Seerat walks in, she becomes jealous of them holding hands.

Angad asks Sahiba about Ajith. Sahiba says he’s fine. Angad says he needs to tell her something. Sahiba asks what? Garry walks in and shouts who let Sahiba in here? Angad stops him. Garry says Sahiba is the problem.

He requests them to depart and allow Sahiba to stay by his side, asserting that whatever occurred was not Sahiba’s fault. Darji instructed Seerat to prevent Sahiba from approaching him. Angad expresses regret that he was not awake, as he would have intervened to prevent Darji from giving such instructions. He urges them to return home, rest, and allow Sahiba to be with him. Both of them walk away seething with anger.

Inder says Angad’s blood pressure was high last night, so he had to bring her home. Manveer wakes up worried about Angad and asks how she got home. She insists on returning to him. Jasleen enters and says Angad is fine, Seerat and Garry were with him all night and gave her a report on each moment.

Jasleen says Manveer should be thankful to her son and daughter-in-law who saved Angad’s life and not like Manveer’s daughter-in-law who put Angad’s life at risk. She informs Manveer that Angad is awake now.

Angad was served all night, but Sahiba is getting praise as Garry drives home. Seerat says Angad was out of the hospital somewhere the whole night, and she was with him all night. Garry says whatever. Garry says that Angad told her that it wasn’t Sahiba’s mistake. Garry says that the Monga sisters are sorcerers who can perform black magic on anyone.

Angad questions Sahiba about whether she wants to laugh or cry. Sahiba responds by stating that she had initially chosen to cry, but after seeing Angad’s face, she feels like laughing. Angad remarks that girls are attracted to his face. Sahiba counters by saying that his face can give anyone a heart attack.

Angad says it’s not his fault and tries to reveal the truth. Sahiba notices the AC temperature is low and asks if he feels cold and drapes a blanket over him. Angad wonders whether he should tell the truth or not after seeing how much she cares for him. Sahiba asks him to tell the truth now. As Angad says whatever happened was not her mistake, he asks her to pay close attention to what he has to say.

Sahiba is asked whether she is happy that Mr Brar is awake now by the nurse. She tells Angad that Mrs Brar prayed for him all night, and she feels happy for them. She gives Sahiba a medicine prescription and asks him to bring it to him. The nurse says no, so Sahiba goes to get the medicine. Angad thinks that he cannot hide the truth from Sahiba anymore.


Sahiba enters the room and overhears Surinder questioning Angad about whether he should inform the shopkeepers about the cancelled deal. Angad becomes anxious, fearing that Sahiba will notice them together.


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