Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th April 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat prepares himself, reminiscing about the fond memories he shared with Sai in the past. Paakhi comes there and signs him that he looks good. Virat sees Paakhi and smiles at her then he leaves. Kids return from school. They see Virat and tell him he looks dashing. They request his presence.

Upon Ashwini’s arrival, he suggests that they tidy up the place. He requests Ashwini to bless him for his work, and she does so. He also seeks Bhavani’s blessings. Virat catches sight of Paakhi and is overcome with guilt. In his quest to reconcile with his family, he confides in Bappa, acknowledging that he will hurt Paakhi but deems it necessary. He implores Bappa to forgive him and fulfil his wish.

Sheetal asks Satya if there is a patient left at the hospital. Sai asks Sheetal to let him know that there is one left. Sheetal informs Satya in that manner. Satya asks her to send the patient. Sai enters Satya’s cabin and closes the door. Satya inquires about Sheetal’s purpose for being outside and what her opinion is of them. She confesses that he is everything to her and says she got impressed by him. Satya asks her not to take his family’s words seriously. Virat arrives at the hospital.

Satya feels scared by Sai’s act. Virat notices Sai isn’t in her cabin. He searches for Sai. Sai acts as if cutting her hand. Satya worriedly checks her hand. Sai says it’s a prank on him and tells Satya she came to taste his medicine in her free time. She says it’s just a trailer so keep your one-liners with you otherwise, I’ll show you the full film. She slips. Satya holds her.

During the call, Virat asks Sai where she is and she tells him she will meet him near the gate. Sai leaves. She later asks Virat where he is taking her. Virat asks her to wait. He plays songs on FM. He receives a call from Kadam.

Virat pulls the car over near a secluded area. Sai questions why they stopped there. Virat asks her to wait and leads her to a romantic spot. Sai feels perplexed. Virat suggests she have some tea while he goes to get Maggie noodles.

Virat reminds Sai about the incident on their Mahabaleshwar trip and says they can’t relive those moments again. Sai tries to leave, but Virat stops her and asks her to listen to his words. When Paakhi calls him, he wonders why she is calling him. He tries to propose to her.


As Sai watches the news, she learns about the fight between the Naxals and the police team. Virat sees Sai’s picture and promises to propose to her once he returns. Virat gets shot.


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