Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Savi Exposes Mandar’s Crimes


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

Nishikant shouts at Savi to stop her drama and get out right now. Ishan asks him to let her ask Latkars one last question. Yashwant permits. Savi asks Latkars why they ran away from Ramtek. Mandar asks what she means. Mandar is a broke person who has scammed many people at Ramtek and fled.

Savi tells Mandar to mind her tongue. Mandar confesses all his crimes in a fit of rage, including murdering people and attacking Ishan for revealing Samrudh and his truth. Nishi informs Yashwant about a criminal Mandar behind Isha for exposing his truth. Ishan beats Mandar for killing his mother. Yashwant and Nishi hold him.

Baji Rao enters with his team and informs Mandar that he has confessed. Mandar says he didn’t. Savi tricked him. Bai reads Mandar and Samrudh’s crimes. Samrudh tells Durva Savi is lying and that he is innocent. For ruining Durva’s life, trying to kill Isha, misbehaving with girls, etc., Savi slaps him repeatedly.

Next, Ishan beats Samrudh. Durva pleads that they do not beat innocent Sam. Nishi asks Ishan to beat Samrudh further. Baji arrests them both and takes them away. Savi apologizes to Surekha if she has made any mistakes. Surekha asks her not to make her feel guilty. Nishi apologizes to Savi next, followed by Yashwant.

Ishan drops Savi and Harini off in his car. Savi smiles, remembering Ishan’s trust in her, and thinks she would not have succeeded in exposing Samrudh and Mandar without his support and trust. Ishan asks why she is smiling and thanks her for saving Durva’s life. Isha madam should be thanked instead for exposing Samrudh first. Isha tells Isha that Mandar has been exposed. Isha says Durva is saved.

If she is unwell, Isha tells Savi not to come and meet her today. Savi asks what happened to her. Isha says she has high blood pressure. Savi asks her to take care of herself and disconnects the call. Ishan’s hand is injured, and she nurses it.

It is hard for Durva to accept that Savi saved her from fraud Sam instead of him. The family fails to explain that Savi saved her life instead of Sam. Durva shouts at them to leave her room. Asmita tells Surekha that she should have let them investigate Sam’s family before fixing the engagement ritual. They walk away from there. Yashwant says their daughter’s heart is broken, so they should leave her alone for a while.

Nishi blames her, accusing her of blindly trusting marriage broker Leela and neglecting to investigate Sam’s family. Yashwant then scolds both of them for accusing Surekha. Fuming angrily, Surekha storms off and shouts at Asmita and Nishi for their audacity to accuse her, calling them ungrateful individuals. Yashwant follows suit by closing the door behind him and reprimands Surekha for blindly trusting Leela and attempting to ruin Durva’s life. He agrees with Asmita and Nishi’s accusations and warns Surekha not to utter another word. Unable to respond, Surekha stands in silence.


Durva tells Surekha that she will take revenge on Savi for ruining their lives. Surekha says she even wants revenge on Savi and Isha. Samrudh tells Mandar that he will destroy Savi.

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