Shiv Shakti (Zee) 5th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Shakti’s Confusion about Shiv’s Feelings

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 5th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shakti informs Manorama that Shiv does not have feelings for her. However, Manorama confidently claims she knows better and believes he is in love with Shakti, although he may not realize it yet. She admits to being wrong in her previous advice to avoid falling in love but has now learned that Shiv truly cares for Shakti. When Shakti asks for confirmation, Manorama affirmatively responds and assures her that Shiv will reach out to her soon. She even shares a moment she witnessed where Shiv could not resist being near Shakti. As Shakti prepares to rest, Manorama expresses her contentment, knowing that Shakti is her daughter and goes to sleep. However, deep down, she vows to help Shiv acknowledge his true feelings towards Shakti.

Shiv calls Shakti and tells her that the moon looks nice today. She agrees. Shiv says good night. Shakti asks why did you call me? Shiv says I just wanted to talk to you and thank God you don’t get bored by my talk. You are my best friend now.

Can I ask you something? I don’t know much about you. How did you forget Ranjan? How did you get scared by blood? Why do you get angry suddenly? Are you okay? Are you hiding something from me?

As he ends the call, Shiv says, ” go to sleep, ” If she knows the truth, she won’t be my friend. She doesn’t know my reality, and if she does, she won’t even like to see me. He looks at his file and says I can’t let Shakti see this. The wind blows away a paper that falls from it, but he doesn’t notice.

Shiv is hiding something from me. I know he doesn’t love me; he just takes me as a friend, and I will be a good friend. I wonder if Mandira is behind this secret.

While sitting alone, Mandira recalls when Shiv and Shakti were together. Shiv stood up for Shakti against her, and she screamed in anger and said I lost because of her. I lost because of Shakti; she defeated me. She became my enemy.. what if she made Shiv happy?

I can’t lose to a girl like her. She cries and says I can’t lose. She says I’m a winner, I’m a winner, Mandira finishes her enemies. I will knock on Lord’s door, and he needs to help me now. I know I’m a sinner, I’m a terrible person, but the Lord doesn’t discriminate against those who pray to him. I pray to destroy Shakti, and He will help me do so. She laughs like a maniac as she laughs.

She thanks God for protecting her family in the morning. She says this is her first day of college. Chacha and Manorama bless her. Chacha says you got ready so early. She prays to the Lord for her and has always wanted to go to school early. He says I’m here for her success. Shakti is surprised to see him. Manorama says I called him because Shakti’s college is on the way. She takes him for breakfast.

Seeing Manorama prepare breakfast, Shakti asks what’s going on? Are you fooling me? Manorama replies that she should make my future son-in-law realize he loves her. Shakti watches.

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